Six Sacred Swords – Updates and Cover Reveal

Hey all,

Six Sacred Swords, my prequel to the Arcane Ascension series from Keras’ perspective, is almost finished. I’m just waiting on my final notes to come back from my professional editor, then after I make those changes, the book should be good to go.

As per usual, the Kindle edition will be first, followed by the paperback relatively quickly thereafter, and finally audio some time after that. We’re going to try to have this recorded much sooner after the Kindle release this time, but I don’t know what the release date will be.

This book is more of a side-story and very adventure focused. If you enjoyed the dungeon crawling and tests in my Arcane Ascension books more than the school content, this is probably something you’ll like. If you’re more interested in the magic theory and classroom stuff, you won’t see as much of that type of thing here, although there’s still some hints of how magic works and some training and experimentation.

This also serves as part of the bridge between the War of Broken Mirrors and Arcane Ascension books. Once War of Broken Mirrors book 3 (Defying Destiny) is out, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of how the stories connect, although there will still be a fair bit of time between Six Sacred Swords and the first Arcane Ascension book. That detail will be filled in over time throughout subsequent Keras books and possibly some other spin-offs I’m not ready to talk about just yet.

Anyway, the book is getting close to finished, and I hope to share it with everyone soon. There probably won’t be pre-orders for this one – I plan to launch it the day it’s ready, rather than setting a specific date in advance.

As per usual, Daniel Kamarudin is my amazing cover artist. You can find him here. Shawn T. King did the graphic design and typography for this one (and On the Shoulders of Titans). You can find his page here.

Here’s the cover!

six_sacred_swords-ecoverweb medium

25 thoughts on “Six Sacred Swords – Updates and Cover Reveal

  1. Hell Yes, can’t wait. Already craving more from that Arcane Ascension universe even though I just finished the Audible Version of On the shoulders of Titans over the weekend.

  2. Yes, finally! I was already considering to read everything again just to not implode by impatience 😀
    Also, who is the artist that does your covers? I really like their style

  3. Fantastic news! I’ll be reading it on release day!

    Roughly how long (page count) are you expecting this book to be?

    1. This one is considerably shorter than SAM – it’s about 300-350 pages (depending on how you measure them). It’s more like Forging Divinity or one of Will Wight’s books.

    1. Yes. There are a few references to War of Broken Mirrors characters and such, but they’re all reintroduced during this story. You might lose a little bit of the emotional impact from some of the encounters, but I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal.

  4. Absolutely can’t wait.

    Also I really like Shawn King’s typesetting. Are there any plans to redo the typesetting for Arcane Ascension 1?

  5. Awww yes, lookin good man. Can’t wait for it to come out. I like that cover more than ‘On the shoulder of titans’. Would have been neat though to see the 6 sacred swords. Would be a neat piece of art to have done at some time 😉 Looking forward to the book.

    1. If you mean Six Sacred Swords, it’s pretty close, but I’m still waiting on notes from my professional editor. I can’t give a good ETA until I get those notes, sorry!

  6. As a magic theory enthusiast who is desperate to learn more about the world, I can say, this series is still so wonderful, im still excited for the book, despite the lack of my favorite element.

  7. Thinking about magical theory in this Universe: What is the opposite Mana type to Life? The only real possibility I can think of is Spirit, Metal would be a distant possibility. I am not sure if there is a Death Mana, but maybe there is.

    Another item to think about, I can think of Attunements that seem to be opposites, in particular Shaper (Earth and Enhancement) which Corin’s and Sera’s Father has, versus Summoner which Sera (Air and Transference) has. I think that it is no accident that Sera has the exact opposite to her Father. In fact, in early versions of Sufficiently Advanced Magic, Shaper was Earth and Transference in the class room scene text, while the appendix had it as Earth and Enhancement. After I pointed out this discrepency, Andrew included changing it when he published a revision to SAM. He also thanked me for pointing out and said it was from an earler version of the text and had missed changing it. So I think it has some role to play in the future, perhaps where Sera has to oppose her father’s magic at some point, or oppose other Shapers. The lack of a Shaper in their group is one of the obvious weaknesses, for future combat and tower climbing. At least they have someone who can nullify it, i.e. Sera. I have suggested that Marissa would be a good candidate to get Shaper, either as a 2nd Mark or by adding it to her Guardian Mark. If Mara can add Earth in either way she might be able learn a lot of healing abilities (Mender is Life and Earth). The same if Corin can add Earth to any of his present or future Attunement Marks.

    Another interesting idea is that Sovereign, the Restricted Attunement that Tristan apparently has (“Once, it was given to the leaders of nations, but humanity has not been blessed with a Sovereign in many centuries”) is the opposite of Corin’s Arbiter (Life and Transference) which could make Sovereign it’s opposite ( (?) and Enhancement) which is why I asked what was the opposite of Life Mana and suggested Spirit as a possiblity

    Also I think that it is likely that Soul Blade has Transference (we were shown Derek’s Attunement Mark) (it has the same V in it as Corin’s Arbiter) and probably Spirit since it involves binding the Spirits or Souls of Elemental Beings to Swords (and maybe other items). We already know that Corin’s Sword has runes for Spirit and Ice on it (we were told this but NOT shown the actual runes). Corin will probably need both Spirit and Ice to control that Sword particularly since it likes to coat things, including himself, with ICE (plus what we saw in the dream sequence after the first school mock tower test). We also know that some (maybe all) of the previous owners/users of that Sword had Soul Blades Attunements. So I think Corin will have to get Transference, Ice, and Spirit to control his Sword properly. He may have to start off with two of the three in a starting Soul Blade Mark and add the third mana at a higher level of the Mark.

    I am really interested in the question of what Mana types are in the Biomancer Attunement which can be acquired in Caelford and it’s Tower (an interesting hint for the next book maybe). We already know of several Mana combinations that it can NOT be, since they are in other Attunements that we do know of, Mender (Earth and Life), Arbiter (Life and Transference), Guardian (Life and Enhancement), and Shaper (Earth and Enhancement). The Arbiter and Guardian combinations would have been the most obvious candidates for Biomancer. So I would guess that Biomancer is Life and something else (perhaps Water) or one of Transference and Enhancement plus something else that does not overlap with Mender, Arbiter, Mender, and Shaper.

    Since Biomancer and Enchanter are presently being used in Artificial Attunements, in place of the original Arbiter and Enchanter, I think that there is a good chance that Corin may pick up Biomancer, it might help him with changing his Brother’s Brand so that his brother can leave the tower. And since he and friends are going to Caelford at the end of book 2, it will be the perfect chance for him to acquire it, either by a Judgement Visit (his second one) to the Caelford Tower or by a long Tower climbing trip.

    In fact, I am hoping that we will see all of his friends (except Keras) make a 2nd Judgement Visit in Book 3. I know that that they are a little weaker than normal for a 2nd Judgement Visit, but 3 of them have a strong combat Attunement and Corin has two Attunements, including Arbiter which is very special and unusual.

    The most likely way for Corin to get Soul Blade would require him to visit Dalenos and do a Judgement Visit to it’s Tower, and I am not sure the author can fit that into the limited amount of time until the start of the 2nd school year. However, Corin’s Mother may want him to visit her in Dalenos instead of Valia and arrange for Way Farers to help get Corin and friends to Dalenos from Caelford. The same Way Farers could then return them to Valia in time for the start of 2nd school year. We know that others, e.g. Corin’s Mother and Elora Theas, have used Way Farers to travel between Valia and Dalenos, so it is not impossible, it just requires knowing enough strong Way Farers and paying them enough.

    Considering a 2nd Judgement Trip in Caelford for the others leads to the interesting question of what Attunements that they might acquire, as possibilites I would like to suggest Forgemaster (Fire and Metal, maybe) for Cecily, a Metal and Light Attunement for Patrick, possibly SwordMaster for Sera (if it comes from Caelford) or some other combat Attunement, and a defensive or combat Attunement for Marissa.

    Another possibility would be for one of them to acquire Controller in Caelford.

    I would also like to see them acquire, someday, Restricted Attunements, but that will require them to meet a Visage, which probably means Feras in Caelford or Katashi in Dalenos. We do not know how the captivity of Tenjin will be resolved. Meeting the Goddess, Selys is possible, but unlikely for the moment.

    I have also speculated that if they go on a long Tower Climbing trip in Caelford, probably with Keras, that they might acquire an additional Attunement. We know that this has happened with some of the previous 1st year students when they climbed the Tower at the end of their 1st year.

    Being really greedy, as a reader I am hoping for them to acquire two Attunements each, so that they can get classes in them in 2nd year, and get started on gaining the strength they will need to fight very strong enemies.

  8. In the long run I wonder how many Judgement Visits they might end up making. Caelford and Dalenos are good possibilities. Could their friendship with Jin help them in visiting the 2 Towers in Edria, either Judgement Visits or normal climbing trips? And then there is Forbidden or Hidden Tower where Sheridan and others have gotten Forbidden or Restricted Attunements, plus the closed off Tower in the center of the continent where the country of Lavia WAS located (before it was destroyed). I think that this is Selys’s Tower. It is interesting to wonder what Attunements were available there, that are no longer easily available. Could they eventually get some of those Attunements?

    I realize that additional Judgement Visits get harder with each Visit, but we are expecting them to get very strong eventually, the only question is how fast. I really expect them to acquire Restricted Attunements (at least one each) someday. In particular, Marissa to get Abjuror, and Patrick to get Paladin. I am not certain what Restricted Attunement Sera might get, maybe Necromancer to help her deal with summoned creatures and spirits. I think that Corin would like to get Chronomancer so he can use Haste spells more effectively.

  9. Earth and Transference could work as a possible combination for Biomancer, so Corin would only need to add Earth, particularly if he added it to his Arbiter Mark, which would add the side benefit of giving him Mender (Life and Earth) Abilities as well. Even if he got Earth in a separate Mark, he still might be able to use it in combination with his Arbiter Mark Manas, although maybe not as efficiently as in a dedicated Mark (Biomancer and/or Mender) that had both.

    Water and Transference, or Water and Earth could be other possible combination that give Biomancer.

  10. No one in their party, at present, has Water or Earth, which they really need to add to their combined pool of Mana Types. Sera seems to have Ice, directly or indirectly. I expect Corin to get Ice someday. I am wondering about Metal and Light, I think that Patrick would make an excellent person to get a Metal and Light Attunement, it would go well with his Elementalist Attunement AND with his new sword, Bright Reflections, a near duplicate of Dawnfire. I have also suggested that Cecily get the Forgemaster Attunement (it might be Fire and Metal). I would not be surprised to see Sera get Swordmaster someday, but I have no idea what mana types it is.
    (this messge is slightly redundant with the previous messages).

  11. I was rereading some of the early SAM very recently (since my last message) and notice that Corin was disappointed that Enchanter could only put spells on things but not people, because Enchanters could only transfer mana to things (actually we know now that they could transfer to people but it would be contaminated by impurities normally) but Arbiter can filter away those impurities while mana is being transferred, so Corin (with Arbiter) could probably put enchantments on other people, possibly even on hostile people and not just on friends. If he gets Biomancer at some point (like his visit to Caelford), he will have an even greater ability to put spells on people.

    Also, once Corin sticks that scroll that he could not read in his backpack in the first room of his Judgement Visit, I am not sure that it is ever mentioned again in either book. I really wonder what it has to say, and wish that he had shown it to Keras, Derek, and Sheridan. You would think that at least one (or more) of them would have been able to read it. Or ask Researcher (in the restricted section of the Divinatory) if she could read it.

    I know that Shaper is Earth and Enhancement, but I think that if Corin ever gets Earth in one of his Marks, that Earth combined with his ability to transfer mana rapidly, might be able duplicate some of the abilities of a Shaper, although maybe not as effectively.

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