This page contains excerpts from the books. These documents may contain spoilers for previous books. For instance, the sample chapters for The Torch that Ignites the Stars spoil content from Sufficiently Advanced Magic. If you have not read all the published works, be careful to not accidentally spoil yourself by looking at the wrong resources on this page.

Preview and Sample Chapters

This section contains preview and sample chapters of the books. These are useful for readers who want to get a general impression of the content and style of the books. Not every chapter is selected from the exact start of the book, but every sample is towards the beginning and chosen not to spoil major plot elements from the book. However, sample chapters may still contain spoilers for previous books.

Book Appendices

This section contains the appendices that are listed at the end of each book. These are especially useful for people who exclusively listened to the books, as the audio editions do not contain the appendices. Due to spoilers, it is recommended that you finish a book before reading its appendices.

Additionally, many sections in the appendices are written from an in-character standpoint, meaning that they are unreliable narration. While most elements within them will be accurate, there are specific elements that may contain misconceptions (or just bits of snark) from whoever the specific section of the document is attributed to.

War of Broken Mirrors

Arcane Ascension

Weapons and Wielders

More Soon

This section teases things that are to come, but which have not yet arrived. This section is particularly useful for those readers who like to torment themselves with impatience. There will be developments here Soon™️.