Reading Order

There are currently three main published series that take place in the same universe. These series interweave and crossover as part of a larger world narrative. Some of these connections are already quite obvious and some are hints of things to come. If this does not interest you, then the best way to read the books is whichever way suits your fancy.

However, if the big picture does interest you, certain reading orders will better emphasize the connections between the books. If you want to read the books chronologically, then this is chronological order.

If you want to read in an order which highlights the crossovers when they happen, then this is a good order.

These reading orders are not the only way to read the books nor are the necessarily the best way to read the books. The books are designed to be read in several different potential sequences to ensure the story makes sense if someone picks up the first book from any individual series and starts from there.

Finally, the novella How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps is completely separate from the above series. It was originally published as an Audible Original narrated by Suzy Jackson and Steve West. This book is more of a parody of the LitRPG genre, as well as classic games in general. It is unrelated to the other series and an be read at any time.