To Celebrate the Launch of Soulbrand, Six Sacred Swords is Available for Free on Kindle!

Hey everyone,

To celebrate the launch of my third Weapons and Wielders book, Soulbrand, the first book in the series, Six Sacred Swords is currently available for free on Kindle!

Six Sacred Swords

For those of you who are new to the series, Six Sacred Swords follows Keras Selyrian, a swordsman from a foreign land, as he explores the unfamiliar continent of Kaldwyn in search of allies and resources to help his homeland. Keras is a relatively powerful character from the start of the story, blending magic and swordplay in battle, but his lack of familiarity with the local land and magic system put him at a significant disadvantage. The story is heavily inspired by Japanese action/adventure games and RPGs like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Ys. It’s a story of magic, swashbuckling, bibliophile dragons, and talking swords.

The first book in this series is a quick, light-hearted introduction with flashy anime-style combat and larger-than-life characters. As the series progresses, the books get longer and heavier, with more world building details and character development.

These books are related to my Arcane Ascension and War of Broken Mirrors books, but designed to be readable without having read those first. (Timeline wise, the main body of these stories takes place after the War of Broken Mirrors and before Arcane Ascension, but with a frame story that takes place after Arcane Ascension 2.) If you prefer to see a character’s story in chronological order, you may want to read the War of Broken Mirrors first, but plenty of people start with my other series.

Soulbrand, the third book, just came out on Kindle this morning and will be coming to other formats soon. Preorders are already up for the audible version – narrated as always by the amazing Nick Podehl – and it’s set to launch on October 12th. I don’t have a release date for the paperback yet, but I anticipate that will be within the next month or so.

I’m extremely proud of Soulbrand. I think it’s one of my strongest books to date and I truly hope that readers enjoy it.



Book Recommendation: A Hollow Mountain

Hey everyone,

While you’re all waiting for Soulbrand’s release on Friday, I’ve got a book suggestion!

A Hollow Mountain (The Brightest Shadow Book 2) by [Sarah Lin]

A Hollow Mountain is the sequel to The Brightest Shadow, one of my absolute favorite books. I recently heard someone describe it as a “wuxia Stormlight Archives”, and I think that’s a pretty accurate starting place, but I think the author – Sarah Lin – has managed to make this stand apart from the genre’s foundations even further than that.

Unlike many progression fantasies, these are third person books with balanced casts of several characters (which draws a part of the Stormlight comparison). It delves deeply into the motivations of each character and the complexities of their relationships, both with each other and other members of the cast that don’t get perspective chapters. I’ll give you fair warning that these are massive books – that’s part of why I like them, but much like with Stormlight, getting involved can be a heavy task.

This particular book does a great job of expanding on the characters and mythology of the first book, as well as introducing a few new cast members that have quickly worked their way into my heart. I’m excited to see more of all of them in the third book – and beyond.

If you’ve already read The Brightest Shadow and enjoyed it, I’d recommend picking this one up right away. If you haven’t read The Brightest Shadow…well, go do that. I think you’ll love it.

Soulbrand out on Kindle next week! Audible preorders up!

Hey everyone!

We’re one week out from the release of Soulbrand, the third Weapons & Wielders book. The release date is June 11th. I’m incredibly excited about this one – I think that it’s my personal favorite out of the books I’ve written thus far, and I don’t say that lightly. You’ll see a lot of changes for Keras getting started in this one, as well as some major hints about where his story is going for the rest of Weapons & Wielders and leading into the very different Keras you see in Arcane Ascension. You can find the Kindle edition here! Preorders are already available.

I’m also tremendously excited to announce that we have a release date and preorders up for the audible edition of Soulbrand! Thanks so much to Podium for getting the preorders up this early. The release itself is still months out – October 12th – but I’m thrilled we’re getting recording started this early and that we can give you a release date. Preorders for the audible edition can be found here!

Paperbacks are coming soonish as well, but no preorders up for that yet – I need the final paperback page count to get the cover finalized, which I won’t have until just before Kindle launch.

If you haven’t read any of my Weapons & Wielders books yet, this is a great time to get started. I’m very proud of where this series is going, and I hope that everyone who decides to pick up these books enjoys them!



Attunement Quiz!

Hey everyone!

My audio publisher, Podium, has partnered with one of our awesome fans to make an awesome Judgment-style attunement quiz! This is about as close to an “official” one you can expect any time in the near future, and it’s a ton of fun – check it out here!

AA3 is Out on Audible! Diamantine is on Sale!

Hey, everyone!

The audio book version of The Torch that Ignites the Stars is finally here! You can find it at this link.

To celebrate, the Kindle version of Diamantine is on sale for 0.99 on the US and UK Kindle stores. You can find that here!

If you’re not already aware, Arcane Ascension and Weapons & Wielders take place in the same setting. The first two Weapons & Wielders books have a frame story where they’re being on told on a train ride between the second and third Arcane Ascension books, and they involve some of the same characters. Reading Diamantine before The Torch that Ignites the Stars adds some extra context to the story, but it isn’t in any way required.

The third Weapons and Wielders book, Soulbrand, is almost finished – I’m hoping to have preorders up later today. More announcements coming soon, too.