On the Shoulders of Titans is Out On Audible

Hey everyone!

At long last, On the Shoulders of Titans is out on Audible. You can find it here.

Audio Book Cover Medium

In addition, Six Sacred Swords is currently with my editor, and the cover art is almost done. I’m hoping to have it out within the next couple months.

I’ll have more updates soonish. In the meantime, I hope people enjoy the audio book!

17 thoughts on “On the Shoulders of Titans is Out On Audible

  1. Really enjoying this series (via audiobooks).

    I haven’t made it all the way through “Shoulders”, so I am not sure if this gets covered somewhere. Can a magic item be used to supply the specific Mana type needed for the creation of another magical item? Like the rare “Metal (magnetism) magic”? Could Korin… Corin?… ehhh; make a enchanting container that he KNOWS can hold more magic than the first item (his self-refilling magnet rod) holds. So there is no way to break the new item by making the container break at the seams? Or is it more of a, the container will break, if 1) you over-fill it or 2) fill it up too fast?

    1. 1) Magic items that help with the use of making other magic items will be discussed in book 3.

      2) It’s a capacity issue; if there’s too much mana saturating the item, it’ll break. This could potentially be done in a more controlled and deliberate way.

  2. Been loving the audio book of On the Shoulders of Titans. Arcane Ascension and War of Broken Mirrors have become some of my favourite book series ever. I’ve even seen some inspiration from them creeping into my RPG campaign prep. XD

  3. I really can’t get enough of the series, can’t wait to see how you move forward with next book. Your series truly is my new favorite. And great pick with Nick Podehl he is a great preformer and really makes your books come alive.

  4. Do you think Six Sacred Swords will get an audiobook version made as well at some point, even if it is not the same time as text release? Similar to this book. Thank you for your continued efforts. Love your books

  5. So I chomped through the audiobook in a few days. Somehow it is so addictive, like crack cocaine.

    I really enjoyed it as I knew I would. I think the area in which you excel is keeping the book light yet involved. I love the absurd banter, even though it makes me cringe a little. Vellum is my favourite character by a long way so I was really pleased to see more of her. She is genius.

    I have to agree with some of the other reviewers comments I have seen on Amazon, shouting out the names of spells when casting them might be a bit too cheesy even for me.

    Having said that I think these books are great. I am very glad you decided to become an author and I will have to just have this audiobook on loop until you write book 3.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

      I’m a sucker for shonen-style tropes like shouting attack names. I know some people find them embarrassing, but I grew up with anime like Slayers with huge spell incantations and shonen series like Dragon Ball – or even western books like Dragonlance, where Raistlin had specific activation words for his staff “(“Shirak”, etc.)

      I enjoy that sort of thing, and you’ll probably see more of it, even if I know it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, I just have to write what I enjoy, even if it is cheesy. =)

      1. Lol. Fair play!

        **SPOILER ALERT**

        Well I look forward to the next book, just promise me you won’t kill off Prof V too soon. Would love to hear her back story.

  6. I finished the AA2 today in audiobook form (read the book the week before ^^) and it was an epic journey. It was like watching a Harry Potter-ish D&D session with shounen-anime power scaling and a touch of Monsterhunter World in a wonderful and lore deep world. I enjoyed it a lot. Such a wonderful work.
    I can’t wait to read more about Keras in Six Sacred Swords.

    Now I will go, sit in corner and silently wave my small “Corin and Jin” flag for a bit with one tearful and one laughing eye.

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