Book Recommendation: Forge of Destiny

One of my absolute favorite web serials/quests, Forge of Destiny, is getting a Kindle and Audible release on Tuesday, December 22nd. Preorders are already up.

Forge of Destiny: Volume 1 by [Yrsillar, Melody Cheng, Lynn Chang]

You can find the Kindle version here.

And the Audible version here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Forge of Destiny is a cultivation (xianxia) story, similar to things like Will Wight’s Cradle or Tao Wong’s A Thousand Li. This particular story focuses on our heroine, Ling Qi, progressing and learning about the world around her while attending a cultivation sect, which is basically the equivalent of a magical university, but for martial artists called cultivators. I’m a huge fan of both the style of magic in this setting and the cast of characters (especially Best Snek, which you’ll understand pretty quickly if you read the book).

While this novel is substantial in scope, it only covers a small portion of the web serial(s) – so you can expect more books coming out, and likely relatively quickly, since there’s already a lot of content available in the serial format.

I can’t recommend this one enough. If you’re looking for something similar to Cradle or Arcane Ascension, this should be it.

13 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: Forge of Destiny

  1. Is the book version edited? I enjoyed the beginning but found it became tedious.

    IIRC the plot was guided by reader voting and random dice rolls. It helped build a strong community, but to be frank it I felt it made the story mostly directionless.

    1. This version is edited, but I don’t think there are major plot changes. If you’re looking for something more plot focused, this isn’t the right story for you. It’s much more of a slice of life style.

  2. I bought it and read it because of your recommendation. Interesting so far.

    I am trying to figure out the progression of soul realms though, the first three are red, yellow and green. I have not noticed a reference for the the 4th, my guess is blue.
    I did find the 5th as indigo and 6th as violet (late in the book in a discussion about noble ranks, i.e. page 513 of 539). I think that the 8th is white. So what comes between violet and white? Brown maybe?

    The first 3 physique realms are gold, silver, and bronze.
    I saw nothing about what comes after that:
    possibilities could be copper, iron and steel, although maybe copper should have come before bronze rather than after it.

  3. So 4th is Cyan (rather than Blue) and 7th is Prism for Soul. Prism surprises me a little, it is accurate but I am not sure that the Far East knowledge and traditions, etc. really had the concept of Prism breaking apart (or splitting) white light. I would have thought that the colors would have have come from the rainbow (which is closely connected to a prism scientifically, but the connection was really only know about after Isaac Newton studied light and prisms in the late 1600s).

    I made a reasonable guess about Physique, Copper is out (no surprise, it was a lesser possibility, that I did not consider likely after Bronze, it would made sense for 3rd level BEFORE Bronze),
    leaving Iron as 4th level and Steel as 5th level as the correct choices.

  4. Although the correct sense is the various colors being (re)united again INTO White by Prism. A bigger problem is that Prism is not a Color, the Rainbow is/are the colors.

  5. A rather different problem is that the colors them selves are special only as artifacts of the eyes of biological beings and the color receptors in our retinas. Creatures different from our normal biological world could be seeing a rather different set of colors than we do.

  6. Other Biological Creatures or Spirit Beings could be seeing additional colors at the cold end of the spectrum/rainbow, i.e. longer wavelengths than red, or additional colors at the hot end of the spectrum/rainbow, i.e. shorter wavelengths than violet. There is nothing special about our particular spectrum of colors in the rainbow, it is just an biological/evolutionary artifact

    Any idea on when we might see the next book? I think that it might be called Threads of Destiny.

    I did read the information about the various characters, including her egg/spirit beast, that gave enough information to cover an additional one to two books into the near future for her. It sounds like she is going to have a very impressive spirit beast.

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