Arcane Ascension 3 is Out *Now* On Kindle

Get it here.

32 thoughts on “Arcane Ascension 3 is Out *Now* On Kindle

  1. Just binge-read the book – Loved it 🙂

    I also may have cursed loudly at the ending, but it was in a “gimme book 4” kind of spirit 😛

    Congrats on the launch, and thanks for the enjoyable read as always 😀

  2. Congrats on the release, Andrew! Been looking forward to this one! Also, I still need to read Diamantine, but I’m following your advice to wait for the third book to binge them together! 🙂

  3. “Ultimate Stabbening” – the author clearly had WAY too much fun writing that passage. I don’t think this kind of thing is even ALLOWED in literature.

  4. 🥳🎉 🎊 🍻🍻 Congrats man! Per the norm, won’t be able to resist the ebook prior to audio release. Though ooftah, that 3 word rambling summary of “get it here” was about my fill for reading for the day.

  5. Congrats! I had told myself I would wait until the audiobook was out, but I just couldn’t resist; and it was good! Also, I had told myself that I’d give it a few months before I started wondering about the next book, but that ending! It was so good and almost a little mean knowing that you mentioned having written the first scene of the the next book so the answers I now crave are written there somewhere in the world… hahaha

  6. I read it!

    Great book, Andrew!
    Something I noticed – and these aren’t criticisms:
    – The book covers a much shorter time span, so it feels shorter and goes at a faster pace. This is unlike the other books but to be expected, but it still fits in very well. I like it. However, it makes the book feel shorter than the others.

    Great book! Rating 4.7/5
    Exceeded my expectations – now I want more.
    Next book Soulbrand, maybe? Or Carefully Worded Wishes.

  7. Any idea on when the audiobook may be available. I don’t have the time I need to actually read, so I listen while I work/drive.

  8. I finished reading the book and I’m getting a bit worried, there are now way more plot lines than before. Are we going to see them tied up in a reasonable timeframe?

  9. I feel you man. I paused the fifth book of the Malazan serie to read AA3, but in the end I think it is more rewarding reading the series at a resonable pace instead of rushing it (ok, maybe the Malazan serie is not a good example, I am burned out after 5 books, but hey, I never liked simple challenges).
    And it helps that the author is very active in is writing! So you don’t have to wait years without even knowing if he is working on his next book(Patrick Rothfuss anyone?).

  10. Please explain why is Mara always so overpowered ? She is a village girl who never even attended school but is somehow in the very top for academics right from the start. Sure if she is a genius that can happen, but even then it takes some TIME and moreover she doesn’t give the vibe of a genius.

    Also, please fix Corin’s physical description. He is sometimes described as athletic, sometimes as non-athletic, sometimes as a good duelist, sometimes as someone who can’t hold a sword…its like you don’t know what he should be physically. This stuff keeps changing from book to book and chapter to chapter.

    1. pff Mara is a farm kid. By epic fantasy law, she must be OP. Her real father is probably Keras as well or something

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