Defying Destiny is Out on Kindle

Hey everyone!

Defying Destiny, the third War of Broken Mirrors book, is finally out! You can find it here.

The paperback and audio versions are on the way, but might be a little while longer. I expect the paperback to be about a month and the audio to be at least a few months – we have to find a slot in Nick’s schedule for him to narrate it first.

I hope everyone enjoys the book!

32 thoughts on “Defying Destiny is Out on Kindle

  1. I had it on reorder and I got it on Sunday, Sept 1.

    At least the major differences in relative timelines has been resolved.

    Although, there is still a potential difference of several years. Particularly since we know that Keras had been on various trips involving the owner of the Climber’s Court, Lars Mandrake, while Lars was still climbing and/or on trips into the wild/bad lands, and not settled down (yet) to running his store.

    So there may be up to several years (or a little more) between the end of Defying Destiny, and the start of the Arcane Ascension series.

    I think that I noticed a reference to up to 60 different Domains of magic in Defying Destiny, as well as to Deep or Prime Domains and Domains that are combinations of them.

    I have been wondering (for a long time) how many different mana types are used in all of the Attunements from the Towers. Besides the 8 we know of in the Serpent Tower (Mental, Transference, Enhancement, Fire, Air, Earth, Life, and Umbra) I can think of Ice, Spirit, Water, Light, Metal, Stone, Perception, and possibly Motion(which only be a subdivision of Transference.

    I think that we can organize most of them into about 7 or 8 to 10 pairs (allowing for presently unknown to us, mana types) of opposing mana types. For a few mana types I am uncertain about which ones form an opposing pair, or even a missing type. What is the opposite of Life mana, i.e. is there a Death mana?

    Umbra/Light (as a reasonable guess)

    with the pairs for Ice, Stone, Metal, Spirit, Life, Motion(?), Death(?) unresolved.

    Perhaps Spirit and Life form a pair, although that causes problems with the Soul Blade Attunement which I think starts with both of them, judging by Derek’s Mark that Corin saw when he first meet Derek at the Climber’s Court.

    There is also the question of can one person have both members of an opposing pair in different Attunements, or even in the same one?

    I suspect that normally people only get one member of a pair of opposites, but in more advanced, restricted, or secret cases we may see exceptions.

    If people can only get (normally or most of the time) one member of a pair of opposites, then they will only be able to get up to 8 (or so) mana types and therefore only about 4 or 5 Attunements (with two manas each), discounting the possibility of duplicates (Corin already has a duplicate for Transference so we know it is possible). With the complication that higher level Attunements often add a third mana type.

    We have reason to believe or suspect that the rules for godbeasts and Visages (and the Goddess), are different, as well as for the artificial godbeasts (Echion and others?).

    One problem with having both members of a pair is that they would cancel each other out if they contribute to the same shroud. However, apparently people can have multiple shrouds (Mizuchi did), so they could contribute to different shrouds for the same person.

    Did you notice the reference by Wrynn Jaden to TWO other continents where it was possible to get Domain Marks like those that she had, one of which was Kaldwyn? That is VERY interesting.

  2. I am thinking of opposites in the same Attunement when we get to complex ones like god beast attunements and the artificial one on Echion. They could be complex enough that opposing mana types do not connect directly together but have one or more other mana types between them in the Mark diagram. We have not seen any attunement marks (yet) on a god beast, and only indirectly on Echion. When Corin did his Judgement Visit early in Book 1 (Sufficiently Advanced Magic) it was described as an extensive web-like tattoo in white ink across his forehead. This tells us nothing about how many mana types were in it, and if any of them were opposites or which ones they were.

    Someone like Sera or Patrick might have Air in one Mark and possibly have Earth in a 2nd Mark.

    Also in at least some cases, opposites like Mental and Perception normally coexist in close proximity to each other in your brain, and have to work together for it to function.

    I have been wondering if Corin could have Controller (Perception +Air probably) or Analyst (Perception + Enhancement (maybe)) added to his forehead Enchanter Mark. Perception could be diagonally opposite to Mental with no lines connecting them, Perception would only connect to Enhancement or Air and Transference. Similarly there would be no lines connecting Enhancement and Transference. But there could sideways lines connecting Perception to Transference that might (probably) give Corin the Restricted Attunement of Chronomancer, which would give him the ability to see and think faster to go with being able to move a lot faster (He is already experimenting with moving a lot faster, and needs Chronomancer)). The lower mana type in the added Mark, either Air or Enhancement, could link sideways to Mental and also give him Seer (with Air probably) or Diviner (with Enhancement). If he got Air (from Controller), possibly Air could link diagonally to Transference and give him Summoner abilities.

    This is intended as an example of how opposing mana types might coexist in the same (complex or advanced version) Mark.

    I have also wondered if Corin could get Biomancer added to his Arbiter Mark, which could also give him Mender abilities if Biomancer includes Earth. Corin could get Biomancer as an additional separate Mark (and still have Mender abilities). I am hoping that Biomancer is Earth and Water, which would give Corin the combined ability of Sand to cancel out Lightning attacks. Biomancer would also help Corin with making Artificial Attunements in the future and possibly enable him to make it possible for Tristan to leave the Tower safely. Also their party/team does not have Earth and Water at present and definitely needs to acquire both of them to solve future problems inside or outside a Tower.

    I still think that Corin definitely needs Soul Blade, along with both Ice and Spirit (I think that Spirit is already in Soul Blade) in order to fully use his Sword which is a Soul Blade weapon. I would expect Corin to get Soul Blade on his left hand.

    I think that their party will go a climbing trip in the Caelford Tower, possibly a long one, and that they all (besides Keras) gain a new Attunement Mark. I wondering if they would be willing to also try a 2nd Judgement Visit in the Caelford Tower, which would be dangerous for them, but they may be strong enough to do it (individually) successfully. This could put all of them (hopefully including Cecily) at 3 Attuments and Corin at 4, and enable them to take classes in how to use them in 2nd year.

    In the long run I would expect them to acquire Restricted Attunements, but that will require meeting a Visage. Perhaps they might meet Feras while in Caelford.

  3. From things that were done to (or by) Tristan, and others like Wrynn Jaden as well as the artificial attunement programs, we know that complex forms of Marks are possible. However, I expect that they mostly fall in the category of Forbidden/Secret Knowledge, and most persons who have them in Kaldwyn are probably Whispers and other servants/agents of the Visages plus their enemies. Some of them ( including children of the Golden Tryrant and their servants plus those that oppose them) are from the mainland or continent where the Broken Mirrors stories are located got/get their powers in ways that do not involve (directly) Domain Marks or Attunement Marks, i.e. what is called pre Attunement sorcery in Kaldwynn.

    The artificial attunement programs, including the artificial godbeast attunement programs, have the constant risk of being suppressed by the Visages and their agents. We already know about historical and recent incidents of suppressing that kind of knowledge and experimenting, with a lot more history that we do not know about. Some comments by Mizuchi relate to this, as well as things we see in Six Sacred Swords. In addition to things that Tristan told Corwin.

  4. I have been doing a little rereading at the beginning of Defying Destiny.

    A 6 by 10 Grid of Prime Dominions with 60 Deep Dominions at the intersections of the grid sounds a LOT like what we see in Attunement System, where the 16 Prime Dominions are the Mana types and the 60 Deep Dominions correspond to the various Attunements.

    But they are using different names, and the division of which are Prime/Mana and Deep/Attunement seems to be somewhat different between the two systems, for example Metal which is a Mana in the Attunement system while in Prime/Deep system it is a combination of Fire and Stone.

    There is still a question about the division of the six and 10 Prime Dominions labeling the rows and columns of the grid, is there any overlap between them? Could Fire, as an example, be both a column and a row?

    If there is no overlap between them, then there can be no intersections between any two Primes labeling the rows, and similarly no intersections between any two Primes labeling the columns, this could help explain why certain combinations of two Mana types do not seem occur as an Attunement that uses only two Mana types.

    When we start talking about more than 2 mana types in one Attunement Mark, things will be a lot more complicated about what is possible and not possible.

    Opposite pairs could both be used as rows which keeps them from being in the same Attunment. Similarly, other opposite pairs could both be columns and keep them from being in the same Attunement. But there would other pair combinations that would also NOT occur.

    This is VERY interesting, unfortunately we did NOT get to see a copy of the actual grid and the labels for columns and rows.

    There was another VERY interesting comment in the description of the various Races: Humans were the only Race where one individual person could learn to use opposing sorceries. The other Races could not do this. This is extremely interesting hint about what we will probably see in future Books. So it sounds like a human could have opposing mana types in different Attunements, or possibly even the same Attunement. Although the comment was about sorceries and not Dominions.

    It might very well be the case that opposing Mana types can not occur in any Attunement basic pair, but when you get a third (or more) mana type added to the Attunement Mark, you could have opposing mana types; or you could have opposing mana types only in separate Attunement Marks on the same person (the 2nd case is more likely the first).

  5. Also since Edon who created that 6 by 10 grid was still experimenting and trying to develop things, it is possible that there were inaccuracies in it, and any conflicts that we see between his grid with the Attunement system may be mistakes in what he laid out in his grid.

    Still it is a step in the direction of the Attunement System and remember Wrynn Jaden talked about there being TWO continents were Marks similiar to hers could be acquired, and one of those two continents was Kaldwyn, i.e. the Attunement System.

  6. so, if the time period between WOBM and arcane ascension is only a few years, then are all those comments keras/taelien made about being super ancient and whatnot all lies?

  7. We and many others were assuming that Defying Destiny took place just before the Goddess Selys lost her fight against the Golden Tyrant and then fled with those she could save to the continent of Kaldwyn. This was about 400 plus years ago. The Golden Tyrant appears to be the parent of Aayara and same as the same god known as Vaelien who is also the parent of Aayara. We are assuming the two beings called Aayara are the same being.

  8. A quick note: I was rereading Defying Destiny, location 1204 out of 10306 or 12% (on my Kindle), and there IS a Death Domain that is the opposite of the Life Domain. Blake Hartigan (the immortal sorcerer) was experimenting with mixing both of them into the same potion without causing an explosion or canceling each other. Another interesting possibility.

    Both of which have important implications for the Attunement system of Magic, as well as potion making, i.e. alchemy in the Arcane Ascension series.

  9. As I noted above, the 6 by 10 grid that Edon developed may not be completely accurate and may require rearranging, additions, subtractions, and changing the names to describe accurately the Attunement System of Magic. But it is hopefully a useful step in the right direction for the readers to understand how things work in the Arcane Ascension series, which has developed those ideas a great deal more over a period of 400 years of isolation.

    But the idea of about 16 to 20 different mana types (Prime Dominions) along two different dimensions in a grid form that go into Attunements as pairs (that correspond to Deep Dominions) is very useful to us.

  10. It is also possible that not all Prime Dominions and Deep Dominions were incorporated into the Attunement System of Magic, or are only available in Secret, Forbidden, or Restricted Attunements.

  11. Another interesting idea that I just thought of: We know that at higher levels an Attunement Mark will gain a 3rd Mana type. Perhaps that 3rd Mana type might be along a 3rd axis, so instead of 2 Dimensional Grid, we have a 3 Dimensional Solid, like a cube (but the sides may all be of different lengths or number of mana types) to form a classification system for Attunements.

    Since we know so little about this, the Mana types along the 3rd axis might form a different group of Mana types that are not in the first 2 axis(es). Or they might include some (or all) of the same Mana types along either or both of the first 2 axis(es).

    So possibly the additional Attunement(s) that you get from that 3rd Mana type might not be one of the other basic Attunements, it/they might be different from them. We do not have enough information to speculate further.

    When reading the 3 Broken Mirrors Books we see mention of a number of Dominions, but in many cases we do not know if they can be considered Prime Dominions (similar to Mana types) or Deep Dominions (which are similar to Attunements). Also the names that they use for the same concept can be different than the Attunement System uses. Sometimes it is fairly obvious, in other cases it is more of a guess, about corresponding names for the same concept/thing/property.

    There may also be mana types long any of the axes(es) that are only available to Secret/Forbidden/Restricted Attunements.

  12. I have sat down with the Attunements that we know what their mana types are, and tried to fit them into a 6 by 10 grid (or matrix, or chart, etc) (see the beginning of Defying Destiny). I put the manas such that there are 6 columns and 10 rows. I think that have come up with an arrangement that works:

    the 6 columns are (Life, Death), (Mental, Perception), (Air, and Earth)

    the 10 rows are (Transference, Enhancement), (Light, Umbra), (Fire, Water) and Spirit, Stone, Ice, Metal

    I have also indicated pairs of opposites by ( ).

    I am not completely certain how to group the last 4 by pairs, but I have made a reasonable guess that pairs (Spirit and Stone) and (Ice and Metal). However, Stone and Metal could be swapped in the last two pairs.
    It is also possible that (Ice and Spirit) form a pair which would make (Metal and Stone) a pair. (I am trying to avoid making Spirit and Ice into an opposite pair because of Corin’s Sword which needs both Ice and Spirit to control it properly).

    I am assuming all known standard Attunements are pairs of mana types, i.e. one of the columns, and one of the rows. Restricted Attunements can probably fit into this table (I made sure that Arbiter fit into it).

    If I am correct then there will be NO Attunements (that are only two manas) that combine any 2 of the columns and also NO Attunements that combine any 2 of the rows.

    If this true, then Soul Blade is likely Spirit and Life, which fits Derek’s Mark that Corin saw when he first met Derek at the Climber’s Court, in Book 1.

    When an Attunement gains a 3rd Mana type it will have to gain a 2nd row or a 2nd column (if it gains one of these 16 manas, possibly there are other manas besides the 16 or 8 pairs). I am thinking particularly, of Sera’s Ascended version of Summoner, i.e. an Invoker which I expect that Sera added Ice to. There is a possibility that Sera added a 4th mana type as well, in which I would expect her to have added a 2nd row and a 2nd column.

    Columns can be swapped with other Columns, and
    Rows can be swapped with other Rows in the grid
    without affecting the validity of the grid arrangement.

    Secret and Forbidden knowledge may form Attunements with more than 2 manas, or even possibly additional mana types besides these 8 pairs.

    I would not be surprised if Spirit and Death manas are not in many of the Standard Attunements, but in Restricted Attunements they would be more likely possibilities, or even in Secret or Forbidden Knowledge.

    Something like this grid or table ought to be included in one of their classes, perhaps in 2nd year. Students should learn what the 8 pairs of opposing mana types are.

    Possibly there are additional pairs of opposing mana types, that in the Standard Attunements.

    I particularly wonder about Motion, but I am considering it to be part of Transference.

    Looking at the beginning of Defying Destiny, it is possible that the 6 columns (Life, Death, Mental, Perception, Air and Earth) are what it calls Prime Dominions,

    while the 10 rows correspond to the Deep Dominions.

    Although Defying Destiny puts Water and Fire into the group of 6 columns
    which would swap places with Air and Earth that I put into the ten rows.

    There are at least three problem cases: Mender (Life/Earth) which my grid does not allow, and Summoner (Air/Transference) and Guardian ((Life/Enhancement) that Defying Destiny does not allow.

    So my arrangement is NOT perfect, Ouch! I thought I had it right. Swapping Earth and Water in my Grid would work, but it breaks up what I thought were pairs of opposites. If this is correct, then Earth is a row and Water is a column. The problem with this is that Fire/Water and Earth/Air are now possible valid Attunements in the grid, which I would normally consider impossible.

    Defying Destiny uses different names to apply to similar concepts from the Arcane Ascension series.

  13. When I try to fit the known Attunements (Valia’s 8 plus Corin’s Arbiter), into a 6 by 10 grid, I run into a problem that stops any solution, either Mender is wrong (has the wrong pair of manas) or Shaper is wrong, otherwise I end up with Earth on both sides (top and left) of the grid, or some other problem (like Enhancement on both sides) that breaks the grid pattern where top and side do not overlap in what they use.

    Xference Enhance Fire (Earth) Water Spirit Stone (?)

    Life Arbiter Guardian – (Mender) –

    Mental Enchanter Diviner – – –

    Air Summoner – Elementalist – –

    Earth – Shaper – – –

    Umbra Shadow





    Metal (?)

    I think that Earth should on the same axis as Air, i.e. the left side, while Water should join Fire along the Top axis. (Which means Mender is wrong, or we have opposites on both top and left sides, if Mender is correct and Shaper is wrong).

    I think that pairs of opposing manas should be both along the same axis (left or top), this keeps them from occurring in any pair at the grid intersections.

    The assignments of Ice, Metal, Spirit, and Stone are guesses and could be swapped once we get some real data. I am trying to keep Ice and Spirit separated on different sides because of Corin’s sword. I think that Soul Blade is likely Life and Spirit, which is why I put Spirit on the top side axis.

    Metal and Stone are fairly arbitrary. I am guessing at Spirit and Stone as opposites, which leaves Ice and Metal as opposites.

    I am assuming Life and Death, plus Light and are opposing pairs.

    We already know that Mental and Perception are opposites.

    I assuming that Fire and Water, plus Earth and Air are obvious opposites.

  14. Sorry, the program messed up my very careful spacing of the items in the grid. They looked fine on my screen, buy they got repositioned , so it is hard to see what I was trying to show. I had them very carefully aligned vertically, but that got all messed up, when I posted it.

  15. I am going to try again to get the vertical alignments saved properly.This is the best I can do. There are a lot missing intersections that could be possible Attunements. (Xs are blank/unknown entries, I have left the rest of the unfilled but you should be able see what I meant)












    As discussed above I think that Earth should only be on the left side, but there is a problem because of Mender being Life and Earth.

  16. It would also be possible to shift Ice and Metal to the Top axis and get a square 8 by 8 arrangement, but that is inconsistent with the Beginning of Defying Destiny which uses a 6 by 10 grid.

  17. I have problems matching the Prime Dominions and Deep Dominions of Defying Destiny with the Manas from the Arcane Ascension Books as I used them above. Some things just do not match each other very well.

  18. If my above grid is about correct, Perception and Mental in normal standard Attunements (with a pair of manas) do NOT combine with Air and Earth, or Life and Death or Light and Umbra and maybe two of (Ice, Metal, Spirit, and Stone).

    In fact none of the 10 manas on the left side of the grid combine together as a PAIR to form a normal standard Attunement.

    It also means that Transference and Enhancement do not combine with Fire/ Water or (Spirit/Stone) along the Top side of the grid as possible Pairs.

    (The assignments of Spirit/Stone/Ice/Metal to Top or Left Sides are only guesses and can be swapped as needed to fit future data).

    This is a MAJOR reduction in possible Pairs of manas available for the basic standard Attunements.

    When we start talking about 3 manas in higher level (usually Citrine and above) Attunements, we do not know what to expect.

    We also do not know what to expect with Restricted (other than Arbiter) or Secret/Forbidden Knowledge Attunements.

    I had been expecting Perception+Air to be either Controller or Analyst with Perception+Enhancement to be the alternate for Controller or Analyst. We have reason to suspect that Perception+Transference is Chronomancer (it is NOT in any other Known Attunement). If Perception+Air is NOT available, then we need Perception with Fire/Water/(possibly Spirit/Stone), to be Analyst (if Analyst includes Perception, maybe it is Mental instead), since I am assuming that Controller will be Perception+Enhancement.

    I am also wondering What Seer is, maybe it uses Mental with Fire/Water/(Spirit/Stone).

    Not having Air to use with Mental or Perception changed a lot of my ideas, I had been expecting Air to pair with both of them in different Attunements (including Seer and Controller or Analyst). If Air does pair with them then my grid has a problem.

    At least Biomancer as Earth+Water is still possible.

    The below probably should probably have been at the beginning of this message.

    Life, Mental, and Air all on the Left Side combine with Transference(Top side) in known Attunments, while Enhancement joins Transference along the Top side of the grid (which is consistent with Guardian and Diviner). 5 of the 6 pairs are correct and the 6th pair (Air+Enhancement) is unknown, it could easily be Way Farer, judging how by Prof Orden used it in Book 1.

    These 5 Attunements (Arbiter, Enchanter, Summoner, Guardian, and Diviner) are the core of how I came up with this grid arrangement.

    Shaper (Earth+Enhancement) puts Earth on the Left Side which is consistent with Air being on the Left Side of the grid.

    Shadow (Umbra+Enhancement) is why Umbra is on the Left Side, and why I put Light on the Left Side as well.

    Elementalist (Air+Fire) is what put Fire on the Top Side of the grid.

    The ONLY contradiction or problem is Mender with Life and Earth, and it is a significant problem. I just do not see a way to avoid it as a problem.

  19. A 8 by 8 grid also gives more possible pairs for the elements left on the Left side, i.e. (Life, Death) and (Air, Earth) and (Light, Umbra) and (Mental,Perception) where I am grouping the pairs of opposites together on that (Left) side.

    The 6 (Top) Side is now 8, i.e. (Transference, Enhancement) and (Fire,Water) and Ice, Metal, Spirit, and Stone (which are paired together but we can only guess at how they are paired as opposites).

    As before items along one axis can NOT pair with each other, only with items along the other axis.

  20. If we stick to known Manas and Attunements, (Arbiter, Enchanter, Summoner all in the 1st column , Guardian, Diviner, and a guess of Wayfarer in the 2nd column, plus Elementalist (Air/Fire)in the 3rd column)

    Shadow is Umbra and Enhancement.

    we have
    on the Left Side: Life, Mental, Air and Umbra
    on the Top Side: Transference, Enhancement, Fire

    the location of Earth is the problem:
    Shaper with Earth and Enhancement puts Earth on the Left side
    Mender with Earth and Life put Earth on the Top Side.

    Then assuming opposites we can add
    on the Left Side: Death, Perception, Earth(as the opposite of Air), and Light
    on the Top Side: Water

    I think that there is a Death mana as the opposite of Life mana.

    Since I think that Earth is the opposite of Air, I think that it is better to place Earth on the Left Side (rather than on the Top Side)

    Ice, Metal, Stone, and Spirit have nothing except guesses on how to arrange them on the Left and Top Sides. If we try to stick with the 10 by 6 grid from Defying Destiny, then two of them get added to the Left Side and the other two of them get added to the top Side (I am here assuming that Earth is on the Left Side to get the 10 by 6 Arrangement, If Earth is on the top Side something else gets shifted to the Left Side).

    We have a partial guess that Soul Blade is Life and Spirit based on Derek’s Mark.

    I am also assuming that we only have the above 16 manas to work with.

    Sorry about all of the redundancy with my previous messages, I am trying to lay out my reasons as clearly as possible for my choices for Left Side versus Top Side.

  21. I have had a lot of training in Math and physics where we use matrices all of the time.

    Assuming that we have 16 mana types, it is certainly possible to have a grid or a matrix, where ALL 16 mana types are along BOTH the side and top of the grid, so you would have 16 * 16 = 256 possible intersections or pairs of manas, but not all of them would be actual Attunements. For example, I doubt that there are any pairs that are the same such as (Mental, Mental) or opposing such as (Mental, Perception) in actual Attunements. (Things may be different when there are 3 or 4 or more manas in one Attunement).

    My problem above is trying to make a 10 by 6 (or 6 by 10) grid that has different manas along the side and top with no overlaps, i.e. you can NOT have Earth on the Left Side AND the Top Side of the grid.

    The problem is trying to come up with a system (or a set of rules) that tells us what is possible and what is NOT possible, in actual Attunements.

    So in a larger grid (or table or chart), or a less restrictive set of rules, Air Could pair with Mental and Perception in Attunements (which I was expecting to be possible in things like Controller or Analyst or Seer). Along with Air pairing with Transference (Chronomancer) and Enhancement (either Controller or Analyst or Seer).

    It was only in the case of the special 10 by 6 grid, that Air could not pair with Mental or Perception.

    Defying Destiny said that all Races, except for Humans, could NOT learn how to use 2 opposing dominions, BUT humans COULD learn to use opposing dominions. This does not mean that Humans can use opposing dominions in the same spell, possibly they can, but we do not know.

  22. Mistake above, we know that Controller includes Perception. The question is the 2nd mana, The most likely possibility is Enhancement (if the 10 by 6 grid above is correct), or could also be Air with a less restrictive set of rules and a larger size grid with the same mana (namely Air) allowed on both top and left side.

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