Defying Destiny Cover – Large Size

I love this cover image a bunch, so I figured I’d quickly post a version at a larger size so people a better glimpse at it.

Definying Destiny - Medium.jpg

As per usual, the cover was done by Daniel Kamarudin. He’s an absolutely amazing artist, so and I strongly recommend looking at his work if you haven’t already.

I hope people enjoy the book!

6 thoughts on “Defying Destiny Cover – Large Size

  1. Looks great! I love the imagery!

    As a wholly unrelated note, any information you can provide regarding the audio book version? I’ve only listened to your books so far, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I’d love to continue that with this book.

    1. Sorry I commented before reading the other comments.. I’m a little overexcited as I’m currently listening to six sacred swords. Truly love your work.

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