Six Sacred Swords is Out!

Hey all,

Six Sacred Swords, my Arcane Ascension prequel, is now available on Kindle!

six_sacred_swords-ecoverweb medium

While this is a prequel to the Arcane Ascension novels, it focuses on a different cast and can be read either before or after them. For those of you who have already been reading the Arcane Ascension books, you’ll recognize a few familiar names and faces, but there isn’t a lot of direct overlap – aside from Keras Selyrian, who serves as the protagonist of this series.

Paperbacks should be coming soon. Audio will take at least another couple months, but we’ll try to get it out much sooner than last time if possible.

I hope everyone enjoys the book!

39 thoughts on “Six Sacred Swords is Out!

  1. The first two series are amazing man. Cant put em down. Listened to both series and am going back in for more. But, hey, I dont know if you reply to these, but do you have any idea how long before we get an audible edition? Hope it’s the same narrator, Nick is so good with these books.

    1. Absolutely love all your work! Spent all day yesterday just reading Six Sacred Swords and I thought it was great! Especially loved that it had a different feel than Arcane Ascension. Keep up the good work!

  2. Apparently there is a lot more story still to come related to the Six Sacred Swords, since we have not seen Lars yet, plus we do not know why Keras is not carrying around Dawnbringer when he meets Corin and friends.

  3. Do you have artwork for the m spear or ruins used in the books? I’m working on a fantasy/fiction themed tatoo and would like to incorporate something from your books.

    1. That sounds really cool, but I don’t think I have art that would help. =(

      For the spear, do you mean the Heartlance? I don’t have any good artwork of that yet, unfortunately. Nothing specific for the ruins, either, except the backgrounds that are in the cover art.

  4. Hi Andrew!

    I just finished “on the shoulders of titans” and I liked I very much! You did a great job and I’m looking forward to reading more from you in that world. Keep up the great work.

    James Campbell

  5. Something I have been wondering for awhile now. I know the series are separate with cross over but does “The War of the Broken Mirrors” take place centuries before “Arcane Ascension” or closer to the same time like hundreds of years in the past. Should the books be readed in the order of “The War of the Broken Mirrors” then “Six Sacred Swords” then “Arcane Ascension”. Thank you for time.

  6. Just finished advanced magic and shoulder of titans on audible. They were fantastic reads. Now going to work my way through the other books. Do you have any timeline for your next arcane acension book? And finally will it be a trilogy or hopefully a longer series with Corin?

  7. Awesome, just awesome. I never was big fan of war of the broken mirrors, but I became absolutly obssesed with arcane acension books, so this books was pretty instabuy for me. Not gonna lie I would be more happy about acension book, but this feels so much more casual and nice that I do not even care anymore 😀

    I even decided to give war of the broken mirrors another chance so I can stay in that universe for a little bit longer 😀

  8. Dived into the Arcane Ascension series after seeing your post on Reddit. Couldn’t put either book down; I called in sick to work because I was up reading until 5 AM.

    Your world-building reminds me of Brandon Sanderson, but without the excessively detailed descriptions. I like that; I can picture fantasy worlds just fine without all that fluff.

    1. Thank you for the flattering comparison! I consider Sanderson to be one of my models as a writer, and I’m pleased you find our styles similar.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Arcane Ascension books. I hope you enjoy my other novels if you decide to try them!

  9. So I have a question. it’s been implied multiple times that attunements are similar if not based on dominion marks. If that’s true, then did the goddess create a unique object for each attunement? Is there a Shaper sword or something that all shapers are bonded to? And does that mean restricted attunements are more powerful because of their scarcity? Also Tailien has that red bladed sword with the strange fire metal, is that some sort of substance from a boundary where the planes of fire and metal intersect? Are there other materials from planar intersections that have similar properties? Still shipping Keras and Corens mom lol and loving both series as I relisten to them. Or all three series now I guess.

  10. The question of relative timing is in a delibrate haze by the author.

    The most obvious (but not necessarily correct) answer is that it is year 412 when the 1st year students are at their graduation ball/ceremony at the end of Book 2. Plus put that together with the dream sequence of Corin in Book 1, and it could be argued That Selys and others fled events still to come in Book 3 of Broken Mirrors (Defying Destiny), and retreated to another continent and somehow kept the Golden Tyrant from following them. Once they got there, they established and/or modified things already there, to produce the Towers, Visages, and the Attunement System for Magic. There may have already been human Nations and/or Cities there when they arrived. So a reasonable guess is over 400 years between the Broken Mirrors Books and the Arcane Ascension Books. We do not know how long it took to establish the Tower and Attunement System, plus we do not know what they choose as the starting point in the new calender. It may have been the year they arrived on the new continent, or possible when the Tower System was done, or maybe some earlier event. Apparently the Attunement System and Towers have been changing and evolving.

    At a minimum, it has been several centuries .

    @ Dylan I think from what we have seen so far, that there are Six Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, plus two more with possibilities of Ice, Light, Metal, Life, Spirit, maybe even Shade or Shadow) (I think that Ice, Light, and Metal are the most likely) with a respective temple for each Element where the Sacred Sword for that Element is kept between users, with very heavy magical defenses at each Temple. Apparently these predate the Towers of the Attunement System, probably by a very long time (thousands of years or more).

    There are a lot more magical swords that draw on the Attunements in various ways, some are legendary, like the Sword of Katashi and Corin’s Selys Lyann (it is uncertain if it is one of the Six Sacred Swords), without being one of the Sacred Swords. There are plenty of other magical items as well, some of them quite powerful like the Jaden Box. I doubt that most of the other mana types and Attunements have dedicated Swords or Objects tied directly to them like the Six Sacred Swords.

    1. Keras confirmed Selys Lian isnt one of the six, and based on Six Sacred Swords 400 seems like a stretch based on what was said, though I won’t elaborate because of spoilers. Although thinking of it, couldnt the Towers themselves be considered Artifacts? Maybe the attunements bond people to the Towers themselves. Would explain the pillars Corin saw in the sanctuary.

  11. Keras confirmed Selys Lian isnt one of the six, and based on Six Sacred Swords 400 seems like a stretch based on what was said, though I won’t elaborate because of spoilers. Although thinking of it, couldnt the Towers themselves be considered Artifacts? Maybe the attunements bond people to the Towers themselves. Would explain the pillars Corin saw in the sanctuary.

  12. I just noticed that the Sacred Sword of Edria was the Sword of STONE. So that means STONE is one of the 6 Elements. I wonder is Earth still an Element or did Stone take it’s place?

    Also I suspect that Metal is the Element associated with the Tower and God Beast of Dalenos.

    Also what Element is is Dawnbringer? Probably either Light or Fire.

    So the six elements may be a little different than I previously thought.

    Plus maybe the other 2 (one or both of them) Sacred Swords that seem to be on their way to Edria at the end of the Six Sacred Swords may have earned by fellow friends and/or fellow agents of Keras that where sent along with him to get the Sacred Swords.

  13. It is a matter of definitions, What is an Element as related to the Sacred Swords? There are 6 Sacred Swords, each with their corresponding Element. Reading the appendix II to Six Sacred Swords, it is confirmed that Dawnbringer corresponds to the element of light, i.e. she is the Sword of Light, just like the Sword of the Edrian Royal/Imperial House is the Sword of Stone.

    Does this mean that their are ONLY 6 Elements, or that are MORE Elements of which the 6 Sacred Swords correspond to only SOME of the Elements?

    The traditional Greek elements are FOUR: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Where Fire and Water are opposites, and Air and Earth are opposites in some traditional areas of Classical science, philosophy, magic, etc.

    I am NOT completely certain that these 4 Classical Elements are part of the 6 Elements in this fantasy series in an EXACT sense.

    I think we already know of Light (Caelford ?), Stone (Edria), and probably Metal (Dalenos).

    Also can ANY/ALL of the various other Mana types we have seen so far be considered elements: Ice, Life, Spirit, Motion, Shadow, Mental, Perception, Enhancement, Transference, etc?

  14. I can’t believe I missed hearing about this until today! I’ve grown lax in checking your blog lately. I bought it today and I’ll get started right after I get home from work!

  15. Just finished this book and LOVED IT. Many times my husband would ask what I was chuckling at which lead to me insisting on reading outloud many sections to him (he NEEDS to read your books soon or we may be fighting 😉 ). As usual, cannot wait for the next book from any of the series in this universe to come out. Thank you for such wonderfully written stories!

  16. I keep thinking that Corin’s Sword, Selys Lyann, is the Sword of Ice.

    There is only ONE PROBLEM with that idea. I think that the 6 Temples and their Sacred Swords have been present on that continent for a VERY LONG time, probably thousands of years, i.e. long before the Shifting Towers associated with the Attunement System were built. Judging by the dream that Corin had, his Sword came with the refugees that followed Selys in fleeing from the Tyrant in Gold from elsewhere in the World (several hundred years ago), i.e. not from that Continent.

    So if the dream is accurate, his Sword can NOT be the Sword of ICE. Maybe it is similar to it and is a Legendary magical sword like Katashi’s Sword.

    I do think that that the other 2 Sacred Swords that seem to be headed for Edria at the end of “Six Sacred Swords” and the Tournament are probably in the hands of fellow friends/agents who were sent to the Continent along with Keras. I also think that at the end of “Six Sacred Swords” in the Epilog, that their train is NOT about to be attacked by robbers, it IS a LOT more serious than that. Their group traveling on the train is about to be attacked by enemies of Tristan’s faction and/or Keras, possibly Tails of Oochi or agents of the Tyrant in Gold or something similar. So we should learn something about what is happening in the process of fighting the attack off.

    1. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. But you’re telling me that Talian is over 400 years old in Arcane ascension? Seems like maybe a decade at most between the two series. I’m just really confused about where 400 years comes from.

  17. Ok so I just finished Books 1 & 2 of the War of Mirrors, should I wait to read/listen to Six Sacred Swords until after I finish book 3 of War of Mirrors? Afraid their may be some spoilers ….

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