Six Sacred Swords – Paperback is Out!

The paperback version can be found here!

six_sacred_swords-ecoverweb medium

If you missed the annoucement for the Kindle launch, the Kindle version is here!

If you’re waiting for audio, good news – Nick Podehl is recording again for this one, and we’re expecting the book to be out around the end of April!

9 thoughts on “Six Sacred Swords – Paperback is Out!

  1. Excellent, I love how Nick reads your books. Though I’ve already read this one myself. loved it as expected. I’m sure I’ll go back and listen for a second time when the audio is released!

  2. Just finished your first two arcane ascension books on audible. I noticed some of your characters share names with characters from Brandon Sanderson’s stormlight archive. Are those intentional nods to Brandon?

    1. I think that’s probably just a consequence of us drawing from similar naming structures, or possibly some unconscious influences. I have a deliberate nods to authors, but any Sanderson stuff was unintentional (for now).

  3. Just read forging divinity and listened to six sacred swords. I am so glad I did it in that order, that it made the connection between broken mirrors and arcane ascension so much more satisfying. Cant wait for whatever story comes next.

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