Minor Updates

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the relative radio silence – I’m trying to focus all my efforts on getting work done. Here are some quick updates, though.

Audio Book for On the Shoulders of Titans – To the best of my knowledge, this is being recorded next month. I do not have a release date, but my hope is that if it’s recorded next month, it might be out by the end of the year. This depends on how long it takes for the narrator to record it and how long it takes for the production team to finish any necessary sound editing, etc.

Manuscript Updates – I’ve made some minor edits to On the Shoulders of Titans to fix some small continuity issues that readers have pointed out (e.g. Derek being referenced in a scene where he wasn’t present and some clarification on the follow up for Vellum and Corin’s patent application). These are very minor edits, but continuity is important to me, so I’m going to continue making changes like these if other mistakes are found in my books in the future.

Upcoming BooksDefying Destiny is still going slower than I’d like, but I’ve made some progress. I got one particularly challenging scene out of the way last night, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make a combo out of that and continue to make good progress. In days when I’m really struggling with it, I’ve been switching over to working on Six Sacred Swords, which has been a helpful way to get more writing done and retain my creative focus. As such, I’ve already made a good chunk of progress on Six Sacred Swords, and I expect that book to go much more smoothly than this one. My hope is to get both of those books out next year (early in the case of Defying Destiny, mid to late in the case of Six Sacred Swords), then get to work on Arcane Ascension Book 3. That’s going to take a lot longer – the Arcane Ascension books are *long* – but I’m still hoping to have Book 3 done before the end of 2020.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and interest. I’ll post more details when I’m closer to a release for Defying Destiny.

11 thoughts on “Minor Updates

  1. Near the end of the audiobook for SAM, love Nick Podehl and have loved the book so far (Kudos to you). Looking forward to the second audiobook. Appreciate the updates!

  2. I almost never pick up non-finished book series. I broke my rule for sufficiently advanced magic, i’ll live but it will be torture. I read the book in 2 days and bought the second just now. I love the magic system and the story has me hooked. The book’s start was fast paced entering the tower right away, it hooked readers. If you have read david eddings’s book Pawn of Prophecy, we start out following garion’s life on faldur’s farm. The author has garion make wistful recalls thru his life about the farm, wishing he could just go back and have life be easy again. It ties the character later on to the first book in the series. I don’t really get why Coren is thinking that finding Tristan will fix his family, like why he is so important to the family unit. When Coren goes home to talk with his father after leaving the tower, there is no love there. I don’t see why the character cares about his family at all. His mom has left (for so far unknown reasons) and his dad and he have no closeness even though he trained Coren for 3 years (which is weird)

    1. I’m glad you liked it!

      Corin isn’t perfect, and having unrealistic ideals about how rescuing Tristan might “fix” his family is definitely one of his flaws. His idealism about Tristan in general is lampshaded a bit more in the sequel, especially in regards to Sera’s viewpoints on it.

      I hope you like the sequel!

      1. I also think it has to do with how Corin views everything going to chaos once his brother goes missing. Mother left, dad neglected his duties. To him, the missing piece to the puzzle would be his brother Tristan and he is trying to put that piece back.

  3. I do not know what the author has planned, but I think that there is a distinct chance that after Corin has a chance to meet his Mother and have a LONG conversation about MANY things over the last five years, and in particular what he and Sera have done since the start of the first year of school, that Corin will give up his father’s house Name (Cadence) (at some point, although not necessarily immediately) and use his Mother’s House Name (Lyran). He might also become his Mother’s recognized heir, since even if Tristan in the future is able to leave the Tower, Tristan would be his Father’s Heir, and if not, then Sera can be his father’s heir. Some of the comments/thoughts we have seen from Corin seem to indicate that he is not planning to return to his Father’s House and Home in the long run, unless Tristan returned home.

    I note in passing an interesting fact: Sera’s Summoner Attunement (Air and Transference) is the exact opposite her father’s Shaper Attunement (Earth and Enhancement), which means her Summoner Attunement cancels his Shaper if they are fighting each other. Although her Father has a LOT more experience and available mana than her. Also her father respects her Attunement as a fighting (direct Combat) Attunement like he wanted his son to get, and now puts him down for not getting a strong Combat type Attunement.

    We still do not know what level, Citrine or Emerald (I would guess Emerald), their father is at, or if he has a third mana type with his Shaper (very likely). Plus we do not know if he has any additional Attunements, which is a reasonably likely possibility.

    We do know that that Corin’s Mother has a second Attunement, Sword Master (Emerald level), as well as her Elementalist Attunement. We can assume that her Elementalist is Emerald level, but we do not know that for certain. She might even have a 3rd Attunement. We also know nothing about Sera’s Mother other than she is Corin’s Mother’s closest personal retainer, and probably has a strong Attunement as well. I think we have to assume that Sera’s birth just after Corin’s was by delibrate prearrangement with both Mothers to give him a personal retainer, as she was being trained to be, until Corin’s Mother left his Father and took all of her retainers with her. I suspect that IF Corin’s Father had a male close retainer similar to Corin’s Mother’s retainer, then that retainer would have probably fathered Sera instead of Corin’s Father. We do know that these kind of family links are often passed down through generations and families within Noble Houses and their retainers.

    An interesting question is which Tower did Corin’s Mother get Sword Master from, Dalenos or Caelford? We know Soul Blade comes from Dalenos, and that Corin’s Mother has done a lot of Tower Climbing in Dalenos, but she may have gotten it in Caelford since Caelford and Valia are close allies.. I particularly wonder if Sera will get a 2nd Attunement that will help her with sword fighting, most likely Sword Master since I think that Corin will get Soul Blade someday, possibly soon.

  4. Just an avid reader.

    I listened to sufficiently advanced magic first, and the broken mirrors books second. I thought you maybe a lazy writer until I put it together that they are probably in the same universe.

    Possible spoiler warning.

    I think that sufficiently advanced magic is pre-attunement era. The fact that Keras Selyrian mentioned a dominion mark, leads me to think that he is simply from Edria before attunments. The pantheon mention, as well as Blake Hardigan reference. I’ve been so immersed in this book that it’s hard for me to start a new series because of the lack of pace that comes with a new series.

    Do you have a recommendations of a fantasy book that has similar pacing? Until the next installment is released?

    1. I can confirm that the books are in the same universe.

      Mother of Learning (a web serial about a magical school student) is probably the closest to my works in terms of style and setting.

      Aside from that, Will Wight’s Cradle series gets compared to my writing pretty often, but he’s actually much faster paced.

  5. You are getting things wrong: the Broken Mirrors books come before the Sufficiently Advanced Magic (SAM) Books, i.e. they are during the Pre Attunement Magic period. Something VERY BAD is about to happen in Book 3 of the Broken Mirrors series, almost certainly the campaign/War in which the Golden Tyrant, one of the gods who has a group of powerful god like children, conquers most of the known world and kills off most of their deities. A relatively small group of survivors (gods, demi gods, members of magical houses, etc.) manages (will manage) to flee to the continent where the SAM books takes place, sets up something to keep the Tyrant in Gold (or the Golden Tyrant or the Golden Sovereign) from following them, and then establishes the Towers and Attunement Magic system, probably over 400 years ago (their current calender in SAM is year 412). Possibly the Towers may have been there already, but they did setup the Attunement system. The Attunement system is probably designed to help develop strong magicians or sorcerers to help fight attempts by the Tyrant in Gold to follow and conquer them. There is a lot history, and how the Towers and Attunement System operate that we do not know yet.

    Judging by the names, in both series of books, I think that the Tyrant in Gold is Vaelien, since his two most powerful children are Aayara and the Blackstone Assassin, who we see mentioned in On the Shoulders of Titans as Children of the Tyrant in Gold.

    In the SAM books, there is a central (now closed off) Tower ( in the middle of a devastated country that was destroyed when/because they tried to invade that tower) which is maybe where the Goddess is located, surrounded by 6 more Towers where the various Visages are located, 5 of those 6 Towers are located in the various major countries, Valia, Caelford, Dalenos, and Edria which conquered it’s neighbor country (and it’s Tower) about 75 years ago. Edria now has 2 Towers. The sixth Tower is where the Wydd, the Visage of Forbidden Knowlede is located. The Attunement Magic System operates in all of those countries with each Tower having a group of 8 Attunements which we see in SAM and On the Shoulders of Titans. There is a lot of unclaimed very dangerous land (with many powerful magical creatures) and possibly some minor countries (that have no Towers) on that continent.

    Edria very definitely has Attunements, there are students from Edria, including Jin Dalen, who are attending the School of Magic we see in SAM, plus we know the names of Edria’s Visages and Towers, as well as names for some of it’s Attunements.

    In particular, go back and reread the sequence in SAM, just after the first school test in the mock tower, where Corin almost freezes himself to death with his sword. Corin has a dreamlike sequence which is probably a memory from a previous owner of his sword, which has to be from when those survivors are fleeing the The Tyrant in Gold, and that old owner of the sword fights the Tyrant in Gold to delay him while the others are fleeing him.

    Keras Selyrian is from the part of the world outside that continent, he seems to be someone who was probably sent to the continent to get help in fighting the Tyrant in Gold. He seems to be more than human, with a very long lifespan, i.e. probably immortal, most likely a descendant of one of the old gods who were killed by the Tyrant in Gold. He seems to be at least as powerful as the Visages, but he does not use the Attunement Magic system, instead he uses the Dominions of Magic System that we see in the Broken Mirrors books. He is also strong enough to fight and win (one at a time) against some/many of the Tyrant in Gold’s Children. He seems to know and be friends with other very powerful and immortal humans (as well as Magical Houses) from that outside World, including Blake Hartigan and Wrynn Jaden. How far back his personal history goes we do not know, i.e. does it overlap with the Broken Mirrors Books? (maybe). We have NO idea of what old god/goddess he is descended from. (An interesting plot twist would be to make him descended from the Tyrant in Gold who turned against him (That is only a suggestion of one of many possible things to come. It may very well be wrong. Another possibility would be to make him descended from several of those old Gods/Goddesses, maybe including the Tyrant in Gold or his Children)).(I have NO inside knowledge from the Author and his friends) (A connection to the Tyrant in Gold may be why he is so reluctant to explain himself and his powers, even if he is now opposed to the Tyrant in Gold. He has said that attempts to explain himself and his powers usually end badly).

  6. Keras does say that he is not related to the Golden Tyrant, so that speculation is wrong,but he has to have some kind of connection to the other gods/godesses, of the Broken Mirrors area of the world.

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