On the Shoulders of Titans is On Sale

For those of you who might not have picked it up yet, On the Shoulders of Titans is currently on sale on the US and UK Kindle stores for 99 cents.

Aside from that, there are no major updates. I haven’t heard anything new about the status of the audio book, and I’m still working on Defying Destiny and Six Sacred Swords.

11 thoughts on “On the Shoulders of Titans is On Sale

  1. Ok I just finished On the Shoulders of Titans, I was going to wait for the audio but I couldnt resist. *spoilers* I loved what you did with Cecily, she was everything I hoped for and I ship her and Coren even harder than before. Im still pushing for Keras and Sera to get together, I love their dynamic and shes my favorite character anyway so Keras is the only one whose worthy lol. Do you have a patreon? Id love to pledge if so, it would be awesome to get chapters of the next Arcane Ascension as they come out and stuff like that. Plus I had questions and I wasnt sure if you had a direct email or wanted anyone to have that lol.

  2. I just finished reading On The Shoulders of Titans for the second time. I totally missed the passing reference to Mother of Learning the first time through. It makes me wonder what other things I missed. I guess I’ll just have to read it again! Can’t wait for the next book in the series!

  3. Haha!

    I knew the swordsman with the ridiculously giant sword that he held like it weighed nothing, with the doll in his pocket that seemed to move it change facial expressions whenever corin was looking the other way!!

    That’s awesome, I figured it was a kind of mini homage or respect ‘paying’ scene you painted there. After all you sir Mr Andrew Rowe and Will Wight are in my opinion the two kings in this writing style of “Epic Western style Anime/xianxia borderline literary rog”. Not only is it my new favourite fantasy sub genre.

    But after reading all of both your published books I honestly put you both up in my top 10 favourite authors who truly understand how to make compelling characters, flawed, damaged, human. Who really know how to draw me into their worlds, not to mention having me feel damn near spiritually connected with the characters and have all without exception made me tear up once at the very least. last but not least all the Authors I have listed here have hands down the very best use and explanation of magic and everything that involves in your stories. After reading each of these masters versions of magic into their stories it has ruined my enjoyment of sub par magic wielding fantasy books! I used to be able to enjoy them but now I get incredibly hung up on how poorly conseptualised most fantasy authors idea of their system of magic is even as they in turn weave that same magic into their creations, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and has lead to more unfinished reads in the last year than In my life to date.

    Since I waffled on so long and you’re still reading I suppose I should list in no particular order who I consider to be Your peers in the style of writing you (Andrew Rowe) and Mr Will Wight, Steven Erikson, Brandon Sanderson, Brent weeks, Miles Cameron, Ian C Esslemont, The late great Robert Jordan, Michael G Manning and Glen Cook.

    I just read sufficiently advanced magic and on the shoulders of titans plus the preview of the spin off and cannot wait to buy them and get my grubby little digital hands on a copy of the ebooks when they are finally available.

    Best of luck to you in the future sir, keep writing please! 🙂

    Seriously, lol

  4. thank you so much for writing these books I con’t wait for the next one. Please keep on writing these book especialy the broken mirrors one

  5. Hi Andrew

    I thoroughly enjoyed Sufficiently Advance Magic and eagerly awaiting the audible version for Shoulders of Titans. In the meantime I am delving into the Broken Mirror Series, finishing up Forging Divinity and about to start Stealing Sorcery. I purchased the audiobook version of both and wondering if there is an appendix/glossary out there for the series?


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