Of Spoilers and Subreddits

Hey all,

Over the next weeks, I know people are going to want to talk about the new book.

I’m going to ask that if you want to post something about anything that could be a major spoiler, please put a clear spoiler warning in your post beforehand, since some people who are reading the blog might not have gotten as far into the book as you have (or even started the second book).

In addition, I wanted to let people know that there’s a new subreddit where people are discussing this series. It’s run by fans, but I’ll be around. You can find it at https://www.reddit.com/r/ClimbersCourt/.

31 thoughts on “Of Spoilers and Subreddits

  1. You sir are a champion! I cannot wait to discuss the books, I’m already about a quarter into it and it has been excellent so far. (so much for saving it)

      1. I left my review for your book on Amazon.ca. overall it was a fantastic read that I sacrificed much sleep to complete in a timely manner (I just couldn’t put it down) I really look forward to your next works and to following your writing career for many years to come!
        I just had one question: is your frequent use of the word sufficient intentional? It was one of my few (admittedly minor) qualms with the book. Some variation of that word appears 51 times in the book leading me to think it’s intentional but I’d love to know.

    1. I’m glad you liked it!

      I just use that word relatively frequently in conversation. 51 times isn’t all that much in a novel that’s 920 pages, imo, but that’s just a matter of personal preference. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for it, though, and maybe tone down the use of that particular word in the sequel if it looks too common.

      I have a tendency to overuse some words and phrases in general. I use “nodded” and “shrugged” as emotes very often, for example. (I think “nodded” shows up about 300 times). Those are both common in actual body language, but I’m going to try to vary them more.

      1. Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. I guess it stood out to me more because it was in the title of the first book. A friend and I were talking about the book yesterday over coffee and we’d both noticed it. We had just kind of assumed that it was a feature or quirk of the language of your world but I appreciate your insights. It was just a little thing we noticed.

      2. Ah don’t worry about 51 times for a word. If anyone here has read the Honor Harrington books… Well, you basically end up noticing that from book 4 or 5 onwards everyone always leans back in their chair and then perks up at some mind blowing revelation in almost every chapter of every book for the next 9 or so books in the series.

  2. Woke up this morning (In Australia) to the email saying that the book has been released on kindle. Bought the book on the spot. But I have to wait until work is over for the day before I can start reading it. (Should have taken the day off work) Can’t wait to begin!!!

      1. I loved it. Now I’m looking forward to the audio version coming out, as I like to get both version of books l like.

        I also left a short review on Amazon.

  3. Words do not suffice to describe the extent of my excitement, so I use exclamation marks to get it across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m usually the kind of person to think a lot about what to spend money on, but when I read the title of the email I went straight for the link, without thinking and without even reading the content of the email (I read it afterwards, though)

  4. Ah, good book and left my Amazon review on Kindle.

    While I haven’t looked for it, I’m wondering if there is something like Mistborn’s Tables of Allomantic and Feruchemical Metals. Except here it would be the types of Mana/Attunements… Although it sounds like we might have to wait until more attunements are revealed? I’d be really interested to chart the tertiary mana types. I’ll probably go through both books to research and extrapolate.

    Thanks Mr. Andrew Rowe for an inadvertently timed birthday present to me. Downloaded it last night and finished an hour ago…so for other binge readers out there this is possible to do in 24 hours, I did manage 6 hours of sleep and 4 hours of work in the mix so Kindle’s estimate of 14 hours 35 minutes was pretty spot on this time around.

    1. Glad you liked it!

      Since I’m revealing the attunements slowly over time, I haven’t released a full chart with all of them yet. I expect to give out enough information for a full chart within a few more books.

      1. Going through a re read.

        In Sheridan’s scene with Sera. I found a gender specific pronoun. The second finger snap. Just curious, was that intentional?

      1. I’m curious from a logistical standpoint. If you make a fix to something on the Kindle version…does that get hotfixed? Or will it only be fixed for subsequent downloads?

      2. It doesn’t get hotfixed. New users will get the fixes, and you can delete the book and redownload it if you want to get the updated version. (It may take a few days for the updates to go through, though.)

  5. Spoiler:

    The text description about the restricted Attunement “Sovereign” and Keras referring to the Tyrant in Gold as The Golden Sovereign really makes me wonder if there if there is a connection between them, i.e. if the Tyrant in Gold has the abilities described for the Sovereign Attunement. This could tie in with other places in Books 1 and 2 about the Tyrant in Gold and/or his Children.

  6. I believe you used Citrine twice when you meant Carnelian. In chapt XI (loc 6298) and chapt XIV (loc 7836).

  7. Holy hell, I just looked this up on amazon to see how many more years I’d need to wait for book two, and it turns out it was already released. I can’t believe I missed the release day.

  8. I have thought of one idea/speculation that is so extremely unexpected that I do not want to want to discuss here yet, about a connection between Broken Mirrors and Arcane Ascension based on first letter(S) of Names.

  9. Hey Andrew, just wanted to let you know I loved the book. I know I’m just one of many readers and fans, but I really enjoyed it. I know there are litrpg’s and stuff but they’re not really my thing and the way you work some elements of those kinds of books into a much more mainstream fantasy world and story really appeals to me. It’s very different. I like it.

    Having said that, and even though I loved the book, I felt like the story progression was much slower and also as a whole just didn’t build as much here than in the first book, despite the greater length. In terms of time passed we seem to have only covered a few months in this one, whereas in the last one it was almost a year. I thought that was a slight let down, I was very keen on watching our lead characters develop a little more than they actually did. It seems to me that you focused much more on the main characters sexual development, and on world building and explaining the magic system further- which I’m not faulting, just saying it is something I noticed and felt that the other characters didn’t really progress or develop at all beyond (spoiler) Sera healing. It just kind of felt like everyone else didn’t go anywhere as people, beyond getting greater mana and new abilities and new weapons which I know can sometimes trick an author into thinking their characters were developed more than they actually were. And the world events that were occuring in the first one also didn’t really develop much beyond our understanding of things that were already heavily hinted at in the first book anyway. So it’s a good book, a solid sequel, just underwhelming compared to the first one and your other works in terms of the story developing and character development outside of the main character.

    Just my two cents, I know I’m just one reader of many but idk, sometimes reading different opinions can help an author develop their next piece of art. And imo your work is art on a similar scale to Brian McClellan, Elliot Kay, and Brandon Sanderson.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      I’ve heard that the book felt slow from a number of people, and I’ll probably up the pace a bit for the next one.

      There are a couple of points I’d like to explain, though.

      First, this book is ultimately about Corin’s journey. That means that the elements of the story that I focus on the most are the things that either impact Corin directly as a character or the things that interest him. Learning about magic and the world around him is an important part of that because they shape how he thinks and makes decisions, as well as the tools at his disposal for solving the problems that he encounters.

      The other characters in the story will develop, but it’s a gradual process. As you noted yourself, the book only covers a few months of time, and I don’t think it makes sense for most people to go through drastic changes in that time period without a catalyst. In this book, the secondary character with the most overt growth was Sera. I feel that made sense because of what she was going through, and it will be something that extends into future arcs of the story as well.

      There’s a good chance some of my future books will cover longer time periods, and in those cases, you should expect to see more long-term character change.

      Thanks for reading the book and for sharing your response to it. I understand that some people primarily look for character growth as the main thing they want to read in a story, and I’m sorry that I didn’t deliver what you were looking for in that regard. I hope that you’ll find the long-term arcs of the story more satisfying in that regard.

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I definitely loved the book, those were just really minor gripes I guess you could say. I definitely understand the points you made here it’s just that in comparison to the first book (which did admittedly cover a greater period of time) the development felt slower. Totally understand your points though. I really do want to stress that this was a solid book and a good sequel and I enjoyed it. I’ve already re-read it a second time and where normally a second pass through a book will reveal flaws that a reader doesn’t notice at first, this second pass really didn’t. It was a very very good piece of work and I loved it.

  10. Hey Andrew really loved the book. Also, mother of learning reference? Somehow made the book even better

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