Paperback Edition Is Now Available

Hey all,

The paperback version of On the Shoulders of Titans is now available!

You can find it here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far! I hope you all enjoy it.

29 thoughts on “Paperback Edition Is Now Available

  1. Great work. I’ve read it twice from b to e. It was my most anticipated book and you didn’t disappoint. Thanks. Too bad Amazon won’t let me pay you twice. I’ll buy on Audible only if NP reads. I suppose that’s how you get the second bite. Best to you and yours.

  2. Oh weird, I guess Amazon takes a bit of time to link the paperback and ebook together? Also 2.7 pounds is a really dense book. I guess all that ink really adds up, huh?

      1. You’re a fucking legend been waiting since freshman year for this too come out

  3. I just read the blurb & I’m already excited! I’m super busy right now so probably won’t get a chance to read the paperback but will eagerly await the audiobook. When do you think that will be out?

      1. I got super excited that this book was out… But then super sad when no audio was available.

        Any ETA on when that will happen? I’m frothing to throw money at it, but know I’d never make/find the time to sit down and actually read the book itself.

      2. Audio is still at least a few more months off at a minimum. We’re waiting for the narrator to get time in his schedule to record it.

  4. Hi, I started reading your books fairly recently, that is, I read SAM and immediately started checking this blog every few days for the sequel. Getting into the broken mirrors series and I was just wondering. Is there some larger story that connects all the stories in the universe or are they completely unrelated stories that happen to be in the same universe? I understand if you want to be tight lipped about this for the sake of a dramatic reveal or something so please don’t feel like you have answer.

    1. Yes, they’re connected, but I’m being deliberately vague about how they’re connected and letting the readers figure it out through hints. They will be more and more directly connected over time.

      1. Hey andrew, I devoured OtST, and I really loved it, but I was left wondering three things about the Jaden box, if you dont think they spoil anything here goes: Is the storage maximum based off of quantity of items or volume? Can it store living things? (even if it kills them in the process) And most importantly, can Ceris store the spell that the box uses to put things in storage, then store whatever Ceris hits next under the command phrase used? (as in I say “Store ‘Hat'” While someone else holds ceris in the box and focuses on storing it, then hits a hat later would the hat be stored under ‘hat’)

      2. That’s actually exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks a whole bunch. Really enjoying everything I’m reading from you.

    2. Those questions about the Jaden Box are fantastic, but I think I’m going to have to say that they’re too spoilery to answer. You should get answers on some of them soon, though.

  5. Hey, I was just wondering if there are any plans for a hard cover version of either series Acsension or Broken Mirrors? I already have the audible copies and am getting the Ebook copy of this latest installment because I dont want to wait for the audio book. I plan to have the whole series on audible and physical copies. However I didn’t want to grab the paperback versions if hardcover is a possibility.

      1. Are there any plans in the works for a future update to the ebook, to fix the citrine/carnelian mix up ( I’m reasonably sure there’s a third btw), and the spelling/grammar stuff?

        I re-read the book to cheer myself up after roadside picnic and found myself noting some odd bits here and there. I realise your probably looking to start work on the next book in your other series, but I’d like to know if you have plans to revisit the book.

        That being said I did still really enjoy the book, I can understand why some people commented about the change of pacing but with longer series the first few books need to be about establishing the world, characters and relationships and you did a great job at developing all of this within the book.

    1. Yes, I’ve been updating the book every day or two with any errors people reported.

      If you delete your old copy, you should be able to re-download it and get some of the fixes (the download will probably be a couple days behind what I’ve fixed, since it seems to take a while to get the new version on their servers).

  6. Hey, I really liked the second volume. I have a question regarding runes though and I am not sure if it is explained in the books:
    Is there a way to change the attributes of individual runes? If you have a rune that creates an energy blast for example, you might want to change blast direction, duration, area and strength for a particular application.
    Or does every rune have inviolably the same effect? In that case you would have to superimpose several runes of the same type or spread them out over a larger area for the desired variation. The attributes would be limited to multiples of the basic runes and could therefore only be adjusted in discrete steps.

    1. The typical approach to this is to add additional runes that are designed to be modifiers. For example, you can have a Fireball rune and add a “Increased Area of Effect” modifier rune to it, etc.

      As for whether or not two runes can look identical and still have different functions, that one is a “read and find out”.

  7. (( SPOILERS to OtSoG below))

    I really enjoyed the Arcane Ascension books so far, and I had a question about an attunement from the book. Specifically, if it isn’t a big deal to later novels, what’s the secondary mana type of the Juggernaut? Besides knowing it’s not perception because only the Chronomancer has access to both Perception and Transference, I can’t think of what it might be besides maybe Air for safe landings or to extend the range of the Transference empowered jumps.

    Thanks for reading regardless of whether you can share the answer or not. On a side note, I haven’t read your other book series yet, mostly because I’m worried about the length of the novels. I read books pretty quick so as a general rule I try not to spend money on books that aren’t close to 600 pages or more. Despite this, because of how much I enjoyed Arcane Ascension so far, I’ll probably pick them up soon so I can relate to when more elements from both are used.

    Finally, Keras’ Six Sacred Swords story looks really interesting, can’t wait for that. The except was enlightening on his magic from the perspective of someone that hasn’t read Stealing Sorcery. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. Juggernaut does not have Perception. They can use transference do to things like slow the rate that they’re falling (much in the same way that air would be used).

      1. Hmm, in that case I’m stumped on their secondary mana type. I suppose it’s possible it hasn’t been revealed yet. Either way, I appreciate the response.

  8. Finished it just now on the kindle app, good sequel. Cant wait for the next book. I mean im going to have to but im enthusiastic about your continued writing career. Magnus needs a bit more screen time to round out why he’s such a piece of shit, dudes just a one note bastard so far and i’d like his side of it so that later if corin is on a more even footing with him thier conflict might be as ideological as it is physical. I hope that this was a vague enough statement to avoid being any kind of spoiler while also conveying the proper thought.

  9. I just finished tearing through both Ascension books in the last 4 days and now am moving back to re-read the Broken Mirrors installments. While starting I cant help but noticing the extreme difference in how the stories are told. I was wondering what the inspiration for the different styles was. To be honest I dont see many authors do this and I find it quite refreshing as it is keeping me from feeling (after 4 sizeable books) that the syle of story is getting stale.

    1. My very first attempt at a novel was third-person with multiple perspectives, much like the War of Broken Mirrors books.

      After that, I wrote a couple books in first-person, then bounced back to third for later attempts.

      All in all, I wrote five other books before I published Forging Divinity. That practice got me used to the advantages and disadvantages of different styles, and how they could be used to tell different types of stories.

      Overall, I tend to like first person more, and I may do that predominantly in the future – but I’m glad you like seeing the different styles!

  10. Now that I’ve (somewhat) sated my thirst for your books I shall return to my lurking of the blog in anticipation of future releases.

  11. Hey love your war of broken mirrors series was wondering if you have a time frame on when you be done with the third book of the broken mirrors series.

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