Defying Destiny is Out on Audible!

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that Defying Destiny is finally out on audible! You can get it here.

Audio Cover Small

15 thoughts on “Defying Destiny is Out on Audible!

  1. Just finished the new audio book today and all I will say with out spoiling anything is it is amazing and I can not wait to see where things go from here. Keep up the good work and stay safe in these trying times channel your inner Lidia for clear thoughts and salaras for virtue. ( I know I probably butchered the characters names but I’ve only listen to the books so be easy on me)

  2. Great work! Best in this series so far I thought. Now to finish reading the latest weapons & wielders book

      1. Diamantine was great as well! Fav book in that series as well. I love the interplay between the 3 series. Though, if Keras was blown away by Edria’s utility of sorcery, hes going to have to have an instant heart attack when he sees Caelford. Caelford leads utility/application of sorcery no?

  3. Hello,
    I am a huge fan of your books.
    Naturally I am listening to this audio book right now. I saw today that diamantine is out as audio book in other countries on audible, but apparently not in Germany. Do you (or any other reader here) know if that’s going to change in the future? Would love to hear that one as well, since I can listen to it during night shifts at the hospital.

    Have a great day and stay safe.

    1. Hiya,

      It’s not actually out on audio anywhere yet – it’s up for preorder. It comes out on July 7th on audio, which should be worldwide as far as I understand.

      One of my German fans mentioned that the same thing happened with Defying Destiny – it didn’t show preorders, but it came out on the right day.

      1. Perfect and big thanks for the heads-up. Really appreciate it.
        Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us all entertained 👍😊

  4. I am greatly enjoying listening to your books again, with Nick giving another excellent performance. I mostly want to thank you for the great story during this struggling lockdown time.

  5. I finally staring to listen to it again and I can’t wait to finish waiting for nick is hard but it is definitely worth it.
    If you wouldn’t mind I would like to know how do you chose names for your characters? when I play D&D it takes me hours to think of an okay name but I love your characters names I been wanting to use the jaden box in my D&D games just to use the Wryn Jaden name.

    Can’t wait until diamantine comes out

    1. It can take me hours to think of a name for a D&D character, too!

      For most main characters, I just come up with something that sounds cool. Once I’ve established the style of naming for a specific region of the world, I draw from real-world names that match that region of my world. (None of my areas are one-to-one analogues for real countries, but I assign specific naming conventions to each country for consistency. For example, the continent of Tyrenia generally uses Cantonese names, Artinia uses Japanese names, etc.)

  6. Just finished Defying Destiny, another great book t like the other 2 in The War of Broken Mirrors series. Is there going to be a book 4 sometime soon?

    1. Not any time soon. Six Sacred Swords picks up right where it left off. The other characters may get other books at some point, but I may or may not call them War of Broken Mirrors books.

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