AA3 is Out on Audible! Diamantine is on Sale!

Hey, everyone!

The audio book version of The Torch that Ignites the Stars is finally here! You can find it at this link.

To celebrate, the Kindle version of Diamantine is on sale for 0.99 on the US and UK Kindle stores. You can find that here!

If you’re not already aware, Arcane Ascension and Weapons & Wielders take place in the same setting. The first two Weapons & Wielders books have a frame story where they’re being on told on a train ride between the second and third Arcane Ascension books, and they involve some of the same characters. Reading Diamantine before The Torch that Ignites the Stars adds some extra context to the story, but it isn’t in any way required.

The third Weapons and Wielders book, Soulbrand, is almost finished – I’m hoping to have preorders up later today. More announcements coming soon, too.

Discord Q&A

I’m doing a quick Q&A over on Climber’s Court Discord starting in about 10 minutes. It’ll probably only be for an hour or two today, but feel free to come by if you have time! The Climber’s Court Discord can be found here.

Weapons & Wielders 3 Update

Just a tiny update – I’ve finished the beta reader edition of Weapons and Wielders 3 and it’s been sent out to my beta readers. I’ll be editing at the same time with the hope of getting it ready for a launch sometime in June. I’m a bit behind schedule on that, but still hopeful that it will be possible.

The beta version of the manuscript is 256,000 words, which makes it the longest book I’ve written thus far (if only slightly – On the Shoulders of Titans clicks in at 254,000). Depending on how the edits go, it may or may not end up exceeding OTSOT in final length.

I’m extremely excited about this one – there are a lot of plot threads from both W&W and the War of Broken Mirrors books that are coming into play here, as well as some important cameos from Arcane Ascension that will give hints of things to come.

This is not the last Weapons and Wielders book, but it is the conclusion of the first trilogy, and I consider it to be the end of the first “arc” of the story of Weapons and Wielders. As such, there’s some pretty crazy stuff in there, and I’ll be excited to hear what everyone thinks when they get a chance to read it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


AA3 Audio Preorders Update and Attunement Temporary Tattoos

Hey everyone,

To celebrate the upcoming May 11th launch of The Torch That Ignites the Stars on Audible, my audio publisher (Podium Audio) has put together a giveaway for a limited number of awesome attunement mark temporary tattoos!

The steps they’ve provided are as follows:

1. Pre-Order The Torch That Ignites the Stars audiobook on Audible: https://geni.us/ArcaneAscension-Book3

2. Take a screenshot of your Audible or Amazon.com pre-order purchase confirmation.

3. Upload your screenshot and enter your information here: https://geni.us/AttunementTattoos

After that, the publisher will confirm the purchase and send over an attunement temporary tattoo!

This promotion is only available in the United States at this time. Sorry, international readers – I hope we can get some international promotions soon! It’s also a limited supply, so if you really want one, get that preorder going and send in your form as soon as possible.

I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of the AA3 when the audio finally comes out on May 11th! Hope everyone is having a great week.

Six Sacred Swords Sale

Hello, everyone!

To celebrate the completion of my first draft for my third Weapons and Wielders book, I’ve put the first book on sale on the US and UK Kindle stores. (US Link here) My apologies to people in other regions – Kindle Countdown deals currently only are available in the US and UK, so I can’t put it on sale elsewhere. =(

Six Sacred Swords

In Six Sacred Swords, Keras Selyrian – a traveling swordsman from a foreign land – stumbles upon the trials to earn the right to wield Dawnbringer, one of the legendary Six Sacred Swords. As Keras tackles those challenges – and the new ones that emerge from his, uh, unique problem solving methods – he makes some unusual allies and begins a journey to seek out the other weapons.

The story is heavily influenced by JRPGs and action adventure games. Zelda, Ys, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest are probably the most obvious for this particular book, but the series itself is littered with references to the others. The flashy, anime-esque style of combat and magic is very strongly influenced by JRPGs as well.

If you like powerful swordsmen with a bit of magic, snarky talking weapons, and bibliophile dragons, you might like this series.

For those of you waiting for more information on Weapons and Wielders Book 3 (Soulbrand), I’m currently recovering from a writing sprint, then I’ll be doing my self-editing pass. After that, I’ll be sending it off to beta readers and the editor. I’m still targeting a release sometime in June, but I’ll push it back if needed. No updates on other books – I’m fully focused on wrapping this one up. Thanks, everyone, and hope you’re having a good weekend.

Quick Recommendation – Mage Errant

The 5th book in John Bierce’s Mage Errant series, the Siege of Skyhold, just came out a couple days ago. I meant to post on launch day, but I’ve been neck-deep in finishing up Soulbrand. Reading Mage Errant feels like his book descended from my series (and things like Will Wight’s Cradle) in a similar fashion to how my own books were inspired by JRPGs and stories like Mother of Learning. If you’re looking for something similar to Arcane Ascension, you’re not going to find anything much closer than Mage Errant.

The Siege of Skyhold: Mage Errant Book 5 by [John Bierce]

For those of you who haven’t seen the series before, I believe the first book is free right now. That can be found here.

April Updates and AA3 Hype

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a good month so far.

We’re less than one month out from the audio launch of Arcane Ascension Book 3: The Torch that Ignites the Stars! I’m extremely excited for people to hear Nick’s fantastic rendition of the story.

Preorders are already available, so click on the links above if you’d like to preorder a copy!

In terms of new books, I’ve got a few updates.

I was hoping to be able say “Soulbrand‘s first draft is done” when I wrote my April update, but it isn’t. Lots of reasons for that. A lot of that was (awesome) business stuff happening that I can’t talk about yet, but I hope to have more announcements on that front soon. Another factor is that I had to pause work on Soulbrand to write the charity anthology short story (which has a hard deadline, since I’m working with others). Most importantly, though, Soulbrand is just turning out to be really, really long and complicated. I’ve actually started trimming out some scenes, but it’s still going to be one of the longest books I’ve ever written, if not the longest.

With all that being said, I only have a few scenes left and the epilogue before I can call the first draft complete. After that, I’ll need a bit for self-editing, then it’ll go off to my beta readers. (I always get asked about this, but I’m not looking for more beta readers at this time. I’m more than capped – the more beta readers I have, the longer the process takes.)

My current aim is for a release in June. We’ll see if that actually happens.

In terms of other projects, I already mentioned that charity short story – the first draft of that is done. I still need to edit it before I send it off, but that won’t take long, since it’s only about the length of one chapter for one of my bigger books. It was a fun piece to write, and notably, it’s also the story that takes place earliest in the timeline of my currently published works. (Other future works like Carefully Worded Wishes will take place even earlier.)

Speaking of Carefully Worded Wishes, that’s completely paused, and probably will be for a while. My next major project is still planned to be AA4, after which I’m planning to take a significant break to finish up side projects like Carefully Worded Wishes, Sera’s Judgment story, and some of my secret projects. This is both to avoid burnout and because keeping several projects in a perpetually unfinished state makes it difficult for me to focus, so I’m planning to take some time to “clean up” these unfinished projects and get them launched so I can focus on the new ones more easily.

There’s still a chance I might finish one of those small ones before AA4 as well – AA4 is going to be another extremely long book, and doing those back-to-back is exhausting – but I’m currently feeling pretty good about my odds of tackling AA4 soon after Soulbrand is done. In terms of what that means for a release date…it’s still far too soon to say anything definitive. A lot of it depends on if I try to cover the whole year in one book, or if I have two books for the year like AA1&2. I haven’t made a firm decision on that yet – there’s a good end point toward the middle of the year, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually stop there.

Thanks for reading! I hope that people enjoy AA3’s audio book when it comes out…and for the rest of you, I hope to have more Soulbrand and AA4 news soon.