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Hello all,

The most common question I’m hearing these days is about the audio version of On the Shoulders of Titans, so I thought I’d address that. The good news is that publisher is planning to hire Nick Podehl to narrate again, so we’ll have a consistent voice and the same level of quality. The bad news is that Nick doesn’t have any slots open in his schedule until much later in the year. We’re hoping we can work the book into his schedule if he has an opening sooner, but at the moment, don’t expect the audio until around November at earliest.

In terms of my other projects, I’m still primarily working on the third War of Broken Mirrors book. I’d call it about 1/4 written at this point, so I’m making progress, but it’s going slower than I’d like. Switching back to the style of the Broken Mirrors books has been a real challenge for me, but I’m hoping that the book will speed up as I get further in the process.

If you’ve already finished On the Shoulders of Titans and you’re looking for something new to read, I have a couple recommendations.

If you’re looking for something else with an anime-style vibe to it, the Landkist Saga by Steven Kelliher is currently on sale. I’d compare it to Princess Mononoke mixed with Avatar: The Last Airbender.

You can find it here:

If you’re looking for something else with sorcerers and LGBT romance, I’d recommend taking a look at Sorcerous Rivalry by Kayleigh Nicol, which you can find here:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the other books if you check them out!



Hey all,

If you haven’t already picked up my War of Broken Mirrors books, now is a great time! The Kindle editions are currently on sale for 99 cents.



US Kindle Link for Forging Divinity:

UK Kindle Link for Forging Divinity:


Stealing Sorcery - Medium Resolution


US Kindle Link for Stealing Sorcery:

UK Kindle Link for Stealing Sorcery:


For those of you who are unaware, these take place in the same world as my Arcane Ascension books, but they’re in a little bit of a different style. They’re third person with multiple perspectives rather than first person, and the main characters are already older (20s rather than teens) and moderately powerful and well-trained.

If you’re dying for more hints about where the Arcane Ascension series is going, or about the world as a whole, they’re worth checking out.

I’d also like to give a quick mention that Will Wight’s latest book in his Cradle series, Ghostwater, is out now. Cradle is one of my favorite book series, and if you haven’t checked it out already, I’d strongly recommend it.

Hey all,

I’ve been debating this for a long time, but I’m going to be making some minor changes to Sufficiently Advanced Magic.

Up to this point, I’ve only really made corrections for typos and such. In this minor update, I’m making a couple minor changes for logic and consistency, rather than just grammar and spelling.

These are as follows:

  • In the old version, it said that people are only expected to reach Quart-B (25 to 29 Mana) before the end of the year. This was always expected to come across as easy compared to Professor Orden’s goal for Corin (reach Carnelian in 3 months), but in retrospect, it was absurdly easy. I’ve changed this to Quartz-A (which is anywhere from 30 to 59 mana). This is just a few lines in the text, but I think it’s a much more realistic goal that doesn’t feel as meaningless.
  • I fixed a continuity issue. In one of Corin’s classes, it initially identified Shapers as having Earth (Primary) and Transference (Secondary). Everywhere else, including the appendix and sequel, referred to Shapers as having Earth (Primary) and Enhancement (Secondary). I have updated the classroom scene to fix this continuity issue.
  • I’ve changed a couple sentences to make it clearer that Corin studied basics about attunements earlier, but that he’s three years behind in his studies and out of practice. This came across as somewhat weird and inconsistent in the older version. I may still need to make more corrections to this as I find them.
  • I’ve added a couple extra sentences to make this clearer, too. For example, when Corin asks Professor Orden about attunement levels, I added a line to indicate that he was just trying to check and see if she’d mention Sapphires. Logically (and from earlier in the story), he clearly already knows what attunement levels are. Similarly, I added a line after the first Magic Theory class emphasizing that he knows the very basics of how magic works, and that the first class was just reviewing things he hadn’t heard in years.
  • Tenjin was depicted as male in most parts of the story, but female in one of the statues. This has not been changed, but the statue section has slightly clarified to indicate that Tenjin can be depicted in different ways. (All of the visages can be.)

I hope that this makes the story as a whole feel a little more coherent and consistent.

There are a few things I didn’t change, at least for now.

  • I’ve considered extending the scene between Corin and Sera on the train to the university at the beginning and having them talk about life a little more (e.g. Corin’s mother, how long it’s been, etc.) This may end up being written as bonus content if I don’t add it to the book itself in the future.
  • I’ve considered making broader changes to make it abundantly clear that Corin does know the basics of magic before going to the school and simply needs to review them.
  • I have a longer rewrite for one of Corin’s scenes with Orden.

The reason I didn’t make some of these more significant changes is that I don’t want the Kindle/Paperback versions to deviate too far from the audio version (especially because of Whispersync). I may make more changes if I can book some time with the narrator to get the audio version properly updated.

I hope this helps give some insight into the process.

also hope this small update doesn’t break Whispersync, because if it does, I may have to roll it back.

Just a couple quick notes.

First, thanks to everyone who has picked up On the Shoulders of Titans so far! The book is doing very well.

I wanted to make sure people are aware that there’s a preview of one of my next upcoming books – Six Sacred Swords – in the back of On the Shoulders of Titans. It’s easy to miss, so check it out if you’ve already finished the book and didn’t realize it was in there.

I mentioned briefly in the back of that book what I’m working on next, but I figured I’d provide some small updates.

My next focus is Defying Destiny, the third book in the War of Broken Mirrors series. I’m still debating if it’ll be the last book – I’d originally planned for four, but I may wrap it up early or write the fourth book in a different style. I’m about 25,000 words into that, which is about 1/7 of the total length of something like Stealing Sorcery. I’m not sure if this will end up being around that length or not – it depends on what I decide to do with book 4.

The next book after that is Six Sacred Swords, the Keras spin-off for the Arcane Ascension series.

Arcane Ascension book 3 is my next major project after that.

Somewhere in between, I may squeeze in a couple other projects that I started in the past, but either never finished or just never published.

As some people already know, I wrote five books that I never published before I published Forging Divinity. Most of these will probably never be published, but there are a couple of them that I might update and publish eventually – most likely the two Blackstone Assassin novels. You’ve seen a few references to these if you’ve read my Arcane Ascension books – they’re “fiction” novels that exist within that setting, but about a character that *supposedly* actually exists.

I may also go and revise Marks of Iron, which had a very different Taelien as one of the two protagonists. If I decide to go back to that, I’d either have to make the main character someone else – because Taelien has changed drastically since then – or update the book to change Taelien to be consistent with how he behaves in the War of Broken Mirrors books. That would also create some potential timeline issues, but I have some ideas on how I could resolve it if I go that route.

Finally, I have a few other books I’ve started, but never finished. Two of them are more “traditional” LitRPGs – meaning that they have numeric levels, HP values, and all that stuff – but with my preferred flavor of min/maxing protagonists and genre awareness.

I also have a project focusing on the rivalry between twin sisters in a shonen anime style setting. This is the least written, but it’s one of my favorite concepts, and I hope to get to it at some point.

Thanks again for all the support, everyone!


Hey all,

The paperback version of On the Shoulders of Titans is now available!

You can find it here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far! I hope you all enjoy it.

Hey all,

Over the next weeks, I know people are going to want to talk about the new book.

I’m going to ask that if you want to post something about anything that could be a major spoiler, please put a clear spoiler warning in your post beforehand, since some people who are reading the blog might not have gotten as far into the book as you have (or even started the second book).

In addition, I wanted to let people know that there’s a new subreddit where people are discussing this series. It’s run by fans, but I’ll be around. You can find it at

Hello everyone!

On the Shoulders of Titans, the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic, is finally completed and available on Kindle!


You can find it here.

The paperback edition is almost completed. I expect it’ll only be about another week or two.

The audio book edition will take considerably longer. This is because the audio narrator will need to find time in their schedule to record it now that the book is finished. This could take a number of months; it depends on the narrator’s availability, as well as the amount of time it takes in post-production, etc.

I’m extremely excited to hear what everyone thinks of the new book. Thank you all for the support!


-Andrew Rowe

Quick update.

The Kindle edition of On the Shoulders of Titans has been submitted for publication. Assuming I didn’t make any mistakes, should be approved and available within the next 72 hours.

The paperback version will be just a bit after that, probably within the next couple weeks.

The audio book edition will take considerably longer. This is because the audio narrator will need to find time in their schedule to record it now that the book is finished. This could take a number of months; it depends on the narrator’s availability, as well as the amount of time it takes in post-production, etc.

I’ll make a post when I get confirmation that the book is available for purchase.

Hey all,

Some status updates!

On the Shoulders of Titans is still with my editor, but I felt comfortable enough with the current condition to go ahead and send out a few ARCs – those are “Advance Review Copies” (sometimes called “Advance Reader Copies”, or other similar terms), or pre-release copies, for people who aren’t familiar with the concept.

Basically, ARCs traditionally go out to book reviewers, other authors, and people who are likely to make a splash if they enjoy the book.

In my case, I’ve only sent it to a handful of people – mostly judges from the self-published blog off who asked me for one after finishing the first book. I don’t expect that to make a big impact on my book sales, since this book is a sequel and most of my readers who are interested are probably going to pick it up regardless of reviews. For me, sending out the ARCs was mostly a “thank you” for the people who have shown a lot of interest in seeing it early.

I thought about sending ARCs to some of the most active people on this blog as well, but I decided I didn’t want to send something unedited to my biggest fans.

Instead, I’d like to post more unique content on the blog to help thank the people who have been checking here regularly.

So, to get that rolling, you can be the first to see the cover!

ws5 small

Notably, the typography isn’t on there yet – but I’m hoping to have that within about another week or two.

I’m extremely pleased with how this one turned out – it’s one of my favorite covers to date. Once again, my artist is Daniel Kamarudin, and he’s getting better all the time!

While I’ve been waiting for the editor’s notes, I’ve been working on Defying Destiny, the third book in the War of Broken Mirrors series. I’d put it at about 1/8 written at this point, although it’s hard to say, because my books have been getting longer and longer.

I also have some pre-writing done for Six Sacred Swords, the Keras spin-off. I’m very excited about that one, and I think my more action-focused readers are going to like that one a lot.

I’ll post again when I have a better idea of when the edits will be done.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me, and for your patience while waiting for the sequel. Believe me, I want nothing more than to just be done and ready to hit publish, but I think it’s important to give the editor the time he needs.

Hey all,

Quick book update.

I’ve sent the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic, which I’m currently calling On the Shoulders of Titans, off to my editor.

Thank you very much to everyone who made suggestions for the title!

As I mentioned previously, I’m still going to be working on some changes on my end at the same time. I’m almost done with my beta notes, but not 100% there.

I’m also getting ready for working on the third War of Broken Mirrors book by re-reading what I’ve already written, both in terms of the story itself and my outline. I may do some actual writing for it over the next couple weeks while I wait for the editor, but finishing On the Shoulders of Titans comes first.

I have the cover art (and it looks amazing), but I’m not posting it just yet – I’m waiting for the typography.

Thanks to everyone for the interest. I’ll post more info when I have a better idea of how long the editor is going to take.