This page contains documents related to my books, such as Appendices for each book, previews of future books, etc.


This section contains the appendices that are listed at the end of each book. These are especially useful for readers who have only listened to the audio version, who may not have had other access to the Appendices.

Note that Appendices for any given book can contain minor spoilers for that book (such as characters that appear in the book), and more significant spoilers for previous books (such as if a character died in a previous book). Thus, it is strongly advised that you do not read the Appendices for any given book before you have read that book itself. If you can’t stop yourself from looking at the Appendix for a specific book you haven’t read, I advise you to at least skip the character section.

As one final note, many sections in the Appendices are written from an in-character standpoint, meaning that they are unreliable narration. While most elements within them will be accurate, there are specific elements that may contain misconceptions (or just bits of snark) from whoever the specific section of the document is attributed to.

The War of Broken Mirrors

Arcane Ascension

Weapons & Wielders

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