Crystal Awakening: Preorders for Kindle and Cover Reveal

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to share the cover for Crystal Awakening, the first expanded universe novel (a novel written by another author) for Arcane Ascension!

In addition, preorders are up for the Kindle edition here. We’re working on getting the paperback edition to launch around the same time, but I’m not certain if preorders will be available for that.

Arcane Ascension 4 is also coming along well, and I expect to have more updates on that side of things within a few weeks.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


2 thoughts on “Crystal Awakening: Preorders for Kindle and Cover Reveal

  1. Late summer has been a dry spell for media releases but so much cool stuff coming out this fall. Looking forward to this

  2. Personally just finished the arcane Ascension books just today actually. So much so that the ending got me up in arms trying to find details on the next. Glad to see it’s not one that’s been dropped! Here’s hoping it is released to a high enough quality, for now the other books require my attention!

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