Preorders Up for the First Arcane Ascension Expanded Universe Novel! (Audio Book Format)

Hello, everyone!

Big news today. Preorders are up for the first expanded universe novel for Arcane Ascension, Crystal Awakening, in Audio book format. You can find it here.

Note that this is a placeholder cover – we’ll be doing a cover reveal for the final cover soon, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to show it off. Also, this is only for the audio book format of the book. Podium Audio, the publisher, is going to be releasing the book across Kindle and paperback formats as well, but I don’t have preorder links for those just yet.

For those of you who haven’t been following my previous blog posts on the subject, you might be wondering what I mean by an expanded universe novel. That’s simple – it’s a novel written in my Arcane Ascension universe, but by a different author. This is the first novel of that style, but I hope to have many more, both in this awesome new series and otherwise.

So, what’s the idea behind expanded universe novels? The Arcane Ascension universe is broader than I could possibly explore purely on my own. Even with the three series I have going, I’ve barely scratched the surface, covering events in a small time period across only two continents, with just a handful of main perspective characters. As I’ve mentioned previously, the events taking place in the books thus far are all taking place years before the tabletop games and LARPs that I ran earlier in life – we haven’t even gotten to the plot for those games yet (although we’re inching closer). I could spend my entire life working on these books and wouldn’t get to anywhere close to everything there is to write about it.

Expanded universe books allow us to explore parts of the world that I haven’t been able to show in my own books, as well as elements that fans want more of that I won’t be able to show with the level of detail or focus that I want to. They explore locations, cultures, and characters that I haven’t been able to give the time they deserve.

In this case, Crystal Awakening is a full-on spire climbing book. This is, in many respects, closer to what I originally envisioned for Arcane Ascension – and what a huge group of fans wanted out of the series. Both this first book and the series as a whole, Shattered Legacy, focus on veteran climbers exploring each of the different spires. In this way, we’ll get a look at what the spires are like for groups dedicated toward their exploration, with more experience and context than the characters from Arcane Ascension. Higher-level characters also allow for some awesome exploration of more powerful attunement abilities and challenging encounters, so you can look forward to that as well.

This first book isn’t quite as progression focused as Arcane Ascension, since the characters are already mid-level characters when the book starts, although progression will be happening throughout the series. You can see it as less like Arcane Ascension in that regard and more like the War of Broken Mirrors. It’s also multi-perspective, so it mirrors (heh) the War of Broken Mirrors in that sense as well, and has more of a WOBM-style darker third person narrative style. So, for those that are familiar with my books as a whole, it’s on Kaldwyn in the spires, but the narrative and plotting style may be more closely related to the War of Broken Mirrors, or a mixture of the two series.

Kayleigh Nicol – the author, who some of you may already know from her awesome Mage-Born Chronicles – writes with a more character-focused style, which I think a lot of you will enjoy. This is also a LGBTQIA+ series, much like her other books. If you haven’t already checked out her other books, I’d definitely recommend those, too. Reading her first published book, Sorcerous Rivalry, is a part of why I was interested in having her about writing books in my setting.

We have an absolutely amazing narration team for this one, and they couldn’t be better suited to this series.

Emily Lawrence has hundreds of audio books under her belt, both fantasy and otherwise. She’s also intimately familiar with this setting, as a former staff member for my LARPs. She played a number of roles in my live games, including originating the roles for some of our most memorable villains, like the vae’kes Lavender and one of the rulers of the Xixian empire (who you haven’t seen in the books just yet). She also was one of the game runners for Rendalir Remembered, a spin-off of my games that took place on the world of Rendalir in the ancient past, and she helped vastly expand the lore and story for that world. She’s an amazingly talented writer, actress, and voice actor – and I can’t wait to hear her side of this story.

Travis Baldree likely needs no introduction for those of you who read other books in this space. He’s the narrator for Cradle, which is the single most popular series in my subgenre. Beyond that, however, he’s also a former game designer, and a talented narrator for hundreds of other titles, including contributing to my own Death Game Quality Assurance. He’s also an author in his own right, having published the tremendously successful Legends and Lattes, a cozy coffee shop fantasy. Travis is, without question, one of the most loved narrators in the progression fantasy genre, and I’m thrilled to be working with him again on this series.

This is a dream narrator team, and I’m incredibly excited to hear their rendition of both this book and many more in the future.

For those of you who are newer to my works, you don’t need to be familiar with any of my particular books to read this – it’s intended as a new possible entry point. If anything, just reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic may give you some good context, but I wouldn’t even say that’s necessary.

I’m extremely excited to be able to make this announcement, and I can’t wait to see what fans think of the new series! I’ll have more announcements to make soon, including both the cover reveal for this book and more on AA4’s status.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, you can preorder the first book here and get ready for the launch in November. I hope everyone ends up loving it!

Have a great weekend,


3 thoughts on “Preorders Up for the First Arcane Ascension Expanded Universe Novel! (Audio Book Format)

  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this forever! Now you just need to hire 10 more authors so every month I finish one of AA’s books I can read another the next month😁

  2. The post says “written in my Arcane Ascension universe, but by a different author,” but the temp cover has your name and Kayleigh’s both listed as if you’re coauthors.

    Are you only involved in this as the originator of the setting, or were you also involved in writing/editing/something like that?

    1. I wrote a short section in the introduction and was heavily involved in outlining, plotting, and editing the book. Kayleigh did all the writing for the main book itself.

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