AA4 – First Draft Completed

Just a quick update to let people know that I completed the first draft of AA4 earlier this week. I’ve begun sending out very rough beta copies to some of my beta readers. (I’m not looking for more beta readers at this time.)

This draft is a bit shorter than AA1 was, but longer than AA3. The final length will likely end up being somewhere in the same range, but it depends on what beta reader feedback looks like. This is a very eventful book, so I’m extremely excited to hear what my first readers have to say about it — and, of course, I hope to get it to the full reader base as soon as possible. My target release date is still sometime in the fall, but the specifics are still too soon to say.

18 thoughts on “AA4 – First Draft Completed

  1. It is very good that he isn’t at least where I’m concerned. I read that as I’m looking for more and thought I don’t know I autocorrect things way to much without noticing.

    Keep up the good work Andrew. You introduced me to the prog fantasy/litrpg world and I’m eternally grateful.

  2. Atleast you’re getting there! Some series I read it’s been years waiting. Good luck on the process! Hopefully Magnus goes easy on him!

  3. Can’t wait! Hope we see more new attunements (and maybe other forms of magic too)! Hope all goes well!

  4. Excited to see the final product! Congrats on finishing the first draft, I appreciate that you frequently post letting your readers know where you’re at in the process.

    If you’re ever looking for more beta readers, keep us all in mind 👀

  5. Wooo hooo! Absolutely devoured this series and excited to see what AA4 has to offer. I’m in a reading slump so I checked back in on this page to see good progress! Keep it up. 😊🤘

  6. This book series is amazing! You have me reading and rereading your books over and over again. Great job and keep up the hard work! Do you have any merch? I would totally buy some coffee mugs or something.

  7. Super hype, cant wait to enjoy this incredible series again. I really want to see Meltlake reach sapphire, such a badass character.

  8. Congrats. But the all-important question is when will you be releasing the the the Stab trilogy
    Stab! 2: The Stabbening
    Stab! 3: Destination Stabenation

    You should drop everything and work on those. 😀

    1. Normally I wouldn’t consider such spin offs, but a short trilogy, released as one book about the size of AA3, I think would be awesome. Sign me up.

  9. I’m thoroughly excited. Your audiobooks are the best. Your books hit so many kinds of topics while remaining fun. Keep up the good work.

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