July Updates

Hello, everyone!

This’ll be a fairly quick update. Things are pretty much going as expected. AA4’s first draft is at about 90% finished. After that, I’ll need a bit to do some self-editing for continuity and polish, then I’ll be sending it out to beta readers. My hope is to do this within the next few weeks, but it could end up being closer to the end of the month.

After that, beta reading and professional editing usually takes me about 3 months. I’m hoping to trim that somewhat this time by doing more of the process simultaneously, but there’s no guarantee it’ll actually play out as reducing the time scale, since beta readers can often suggest major changes that require additional passes on content. I’m going to push hard to get this book out as early as possible without compromising quality, then switch back to focusing on other projects while.

AA books are long and exhausting and always take a lot out of me, so it’s important for me to have some time to decompress and work on smaller stuff before trying to tackle another work on AA’s scale. My hope is to try to get the next AA book after this one out faster, but I always say that, and I don’t want to give readers any unrealistic expectations. That being said, I’m feeling better about this book than I did about AA3 in terms of how much readers will enjoy it, and I’m also feeling better about the trajectory of the series as a whole. I’m very excited about some of the stuff coming up in AA5 and beyond, so hopefully that will translate to at least slightly faster turnaround times – we’ll see.

At present, I’m guessing AA4 will be longer than AA3, but shorter than the other two AA books. It may end up being as long as AA1, but that’ll depend on how I end up handling a couple particularly major scenes, and how much I end up leaving to resolve in AA5 with some of the arcs.

In terms of next releases after this, I don’t know. I’d been originally planning to finish up the first book in a new series, which is very far along, but I think holding that and focusing on releasing more in my established series for now might be the wiser approach. There’s also a good argument that this might be the right time to finish Wrynn Jaden’s first book for, uh, reasons. I haven’t made a firm decision yet. I expect to be able to provide more updates on that subject in a month or two.

Take care, everyone, and stay safe.

7 thoughts on “July Updates

  1. “I’ll be sending it out to beta readers.” – a good time to introduce beta-reader access as a Patreon perk. Hint hint.

  2. Take it easy! I’m really looking forward to AA4, but you shouldn’t feel too rushed. There’s plenty we can read in the meantime and it’s more important that you don’t get tired of the pressure. I really liked AA3 by the way, you’re doing great.

  3. Firstly dont be so hard on yourself, take it easy and let AA4 flow out. I know others have said it, but as excited as I am to read it I can wait if it means you can relax while doing it. This is my favorite series and you are my favorite author and so I know it’ll be wonderful and exciting! Second, If there is a way to sign up to be a beta reader I would love to do that! Finally, Happy 4th of July, I know the country is a mess right now with everything going on but Ive always loved fireworks because they feel like magic, and I hope you have all of that in the world!

  4. I just started reading this series and I love it. I think everyone here agrees while we’re all excited, we don’t want you to feel rushed. Thank you for sharing this series with us and I am eager, but not impatient, for more 🙂

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