June Updates

Hello, everyone!

I’ll skip the preamble and get straight into some updates.

Arcane Ascension 4‘s first draft is at roughly 75% completion. This is estimating a similar length to Sufficiently Advanced Magic as a basis — as always, the length can drift as I continue to write and decide to add/remove scenes, through editing passes, etc.

At present, I think the story is coming along pretty well, and I expect that people who didn’t like the more slice-of-life vacation style of Arcane Ascension 3 will probably be happier with this book, especially toward the ending. Structurally, the book is most similar to Arcane Ascension 2, although the overall content mixture includes elements from all three previous books (and some new stuff).

In terms of expanded universe projects, I’m about ready to start looking at the beginning of the second expanded universe book. The author is already making a good pace on that and I’m excited that we’ll probably be seeing the first one out this year (but there isn’t a release date yet). I’m also still actively in talks with a couple other authors on the subject of expanded universe books and may be getting some off those up and running in the coming months, but I’ve depriortized those discussions to focus as much of my time as possible on writing AA4.

I’m basically in “buckle down and write AA4” mode in general, and as such, I have not made any meaningful progress on any other books during the last month.

I’ve continued discussions with publishers for some other types of media – and one of those projects is still actively in progress and super exciting – but there’s nothing new and exciting to report just yet. My hope is that we’ll have a formal announcement for one of these big projects within the next few months, but it’s been hard to evaluate the timing on it. I think people are going to be very excited, though, and I’m happy with what I’ve seen in terms of the quality of what is being worked on. I wish I didn’t have to be so vague, but hopefully the surprises will be worth the wait.

In terms of AA4’s actual completion and release, it’s still too early to estimate that with any degree of accuracy, but I’m comfortable giving some general thoughts. Assuming I continue writing at a similar pace to my last couple months and end the book at a length similar to what I expect, the first draft should be completed around the beginning of August. At that point, it will likely take me about three to months for beta reading and editing, based on how long the previous AA books have taken. This means we’d theoretically be looking at a launch window around November/December. I’d love to get it out sooner – and it’s hypothetically possible that I could end up doing that if I write or edit faster than expected – but that seems like a pretty realistic timeframe. It’s also possible that it could get pushed back if, say, I decide to make the length closer to AA2/Soulbrand, or if I run into major problems with beta reads/edits, life gets in the way, etc.

Assuming the book releases around the end of the year, audio is usually about 6 months after that. There’s no recording date set, so this is purely an estimate based on my previous books – it could be longer or shorter.

Hope this helps give people a bit better idea of what to expect. I’m very excited to share Arcane Ascension 4 with readers as soon as possible – we’ll just have to see when it’s ready.



17 thoughts on “June Updates

  1. Looking forward to it, take your time because I don’t want AA series to ever end but if it has to I hope it takes place in the same universe!

    1. I hope the next series takes place in the same universe, ok is late I’m tired, good night lol

  2. I love your work (and im 12!) but keep at it and remember give me the best version no matter the time!

      1. And I’m 30 sat feeling just as engrossed, maybe slightly less patient but not aggressively 😅

  3. Hey man, hope all is well. Been listening since early 2019 love arcane ascension haven’t dived to heavy into other related works yet but I will eventually ( take your time i have other litrpg to listen to jakes magic market, noobtown) your was the only one I’ve listened to 2 times and still love ❤ dont know if you know theres pages on facebook for litrpg and you have been talked about a decent amount.

  4. Love your series ! I can totally feel the dnd universe wraping around it. It feels like I’m living through all the adventures while reading it. Thanks for the experience you’ve given me reading your books!

  5. I’m super pumped for this next book. I’ve been waiting so long for it and can’t wait. Also have you put any thought into having a concept art book made? With all the characters, creatures and weapons etc. So we get to see how you imagined these things would look.

    1. I’d love to get an art book made, but that’s another thing that’ll have to wait until I have more free time for side projects in general. Great idea, though!

    1. The term slice-of-life in fiction refers to details of everyday life, as opposed to being driven by a single central objective (e.g. saving the world, defeating the bad guy, etc.)

      The Arcane Ascension books tend to lean closer to this than many books in the genre in general, but Book 3 in particular had more slice-of-life elements, since it’s basically a book about “this is what they did on vacation”, rather than having a clear objective-based structure.

      I hope this helps!

      1. hi, i am one of those readers who was a little miffed by the different structure of AA3, but i have been through the series AA, WW, Broken Mirrors a 2nd time recently and now feel it fits very well.

        i think my problem originally was that i’d been waiting a long time for AA3 and it just felt short in a way. Also the act structure is not what you expect when you pick it up. basically the trip to the tower in the late middle feels like the most dangerous part. the first time through i expected something big to come at the end, but it just kind of ebbed out. the real peak at the end is in exposition/ information not danger – i think this will work very well later when you will be able to jump right into the next book from there, but it just felt strange the first time through, the 2nd time i appreciated these differences a lot. – hmm i should go back and edit my review to reflect that.

        anyway, just wanted to say: i was one of those initial grumps but my opinion on AA 3 changed a lot. it is a great entry.

        thx for all your books 🙂

  6. One of the things I love most about reading your books (and being a part of your community) is how plugged in with all of us you are. A lot of authors are plugged in with their readership obviously, but I can’t think of a single other one that spends as much time as you do updating us, answering questions on your Discords, and generally just being present. You are an excellent writer, and your community is delightful. Looking forward to more, and for a long time to come 🙂

  7. Just found this series and devoured it, 8+ hours of reading for several days. I enjoyed it immensely, and can’t wait to see where you take it next. Gonna read your other books while I wait!

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