May Updates

Hello, everyone!

This is going to be a relatively light update, unfortunately – there’s a lot in the works, but nothing is ready for a significant announcement.

Arcane Ascension 4 remains my primary work in progress. I’ve been continuing on it, but it’s a long book and progress has been relatively slow. I’m hoping to have a more tangible update for you next month.

My other book projects are essentially entirely on hold while I focus on Arcane Ascension 4. I don’t usually work this way, but I’m trying to focus more exclusively on AA4 to get it done as soon as possible, given that I’m behind where I wanted to be on my schedule for it.

The first expanded universe book is making good progress – the writer got notes back from the publisher’s editor and has been making changes. The cover artist is set up as well. The publisher has set a targeted window for publication, which is a very good sign, but it’s not my place to announce what that date is – at least not yet. So, good progress, but I can’t actually show you anything from it at this point.

In terms of other expanded universe projects, I’m still spending a considerable amount of time working on these and have a targeted release date for one of them, but don’t actually have the ability to announce them yet either. Right now, I’m *hoping* that I can announce one alongside AA4’s release, but I’m not certain it’ll pan out that way.

Thank you all for your patience and interest in the books! I hope you have a good month.



4 thoughts on “May Updates

  1. Love your focus but also know that having ambitions self made deadlines don’t always come to fruition. You have released a ton of content over the years, and “missing” one does not mean you are letting us down. Thank you for sharing your wonderful worlds with us and I’ll continue enjoying your work as YOU are ready to release it. And continue sharing within my circle and encouraging others to enjoy your work too.

    Many thanks.

  2. Ty for the update, I’m never wondering what’s new because anytime I ask myself that question, we always get an email update 🙂

    Like I always usually say:
    Take your time, take care of your health, and when I book is ready it’s ready. ❤

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