New Crossover Book Announcement

Edit: This was, of course, an April Fool’s Day joke. That said, the poster part is real – you can actually get that and help support a charity!

I’m incredibly proud to announce my involvement with an exciting crossover project with several other amazing authors! This unique progression fantasy series is the culmination of years of work on finding the perfect blend of elements to make a truly terrific story.



Bud Wiser was long known as the greatest warrior of the grand realm of Hi-Nak’en. He was a man of measure, of clout and power, whose skill with a blade was never matched.

That all changed in death.

Sacrificing himself to save a small child from being trampled by a team of draft horses, Bud finds himself in the presence of a god. Unfortunately for him, this particular deity is obviously overworked and underpaid, because they hardly let him get a word out before tiredly assuring him his next life will be one of “plenty and leisure” as a “reward” for his bravery and fighting spirit on Hi-Na’ken. The next thing Bud knows, he’s waking up from a night of drunken revelry, finding himself the sole proprietor of a bustling tavern whose patrons are clamoring for food and drink. Worse, almost immediately Bud makes a terrible realization:

In this strange new world, the laws of magic dictate that the only objects one can touch and wield are those relevant to the “Job” the gods assign them at birth.

And what’s Bud’s new Job? What is the role assigned by the heavens to the former champion of world order?

… “Tavern Owner”.

Audio book coming soon, too!


Love the cover art and want a poster? Grab one here:

Want to pick up the book? Check it out here:

5 thoughts on “New Crossover Book Announcement

  1. Can’t wait to read it! This plot must have gone through a thorough beer review process. I am hoping for a sequel – maybe next year, the day after March?

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