Death Game Quality Assurance is Out on Audible!

Hello everyone.

My latest book, Death Game Quality Assurance, is out on Audible now! This is an Audible Original, and thus, it’s exclusively on Audible for the time being.

This story comes from a very personal place. Working as a Quality Assurance Analyst was my first real job, and I worked in QA for years before moving into game design (and eventually switching careers to write books). I still have a lot of fond memories of my first team for QA night crew…and a lot of memories of things that didn’t go quite like they should have, too. =D

This book is a parody of video game development itself (with a focus on MMORPGs), as well as the LitRPG and GameLit genres of literature. If you’re not interested in any of those things, this might not be for you – it’s much more of a direct parody than my previous works.

Style wise, this is vastly different from my previous works – it’s virtually all dialogue and it’s a full cast recording. It’s also only a couple hours long – you can think of it as being more like a radio show than a traditional novel.

I hope everyone enjoys the story!



8 thoughts on “Death Game Quality Assurance is Out on Audible!

  1. Aaaaaa! You bet I enjoyed the story! It’s *such* a good listen! The writing, voices, music, sounds, it’s all just…*chef’s kiss*. Lovely stuff, absolute work of art 😀

  2. Good story,
    I don’t think I have to list all your references in the story (not, that I caught them all…), but I think you could have gotten more in.
    If you put stuff from non Death Game stories in, like from “Ready Player One”, then you could have gotten more exploitable stuff from other stories in, like from BOFURI (I personally would have liked to hear from that one)

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