Some Quick Recommendations

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to mention some quick progression fantasy recommendations from things I’m reading.

First off, Paragon of Blood.

This one is for people who are looking for a classic “weak to strong” style fantasy in a LitRPG setting. It’s a post-apocalyptic LitRPG, meaning it takes place on future earth where game mechanics have been applied to our world. Fair warning that this one is a little darker in places – the “blood” in the title is definitely present, and there’s a little bit of body horror imagery involving something similar to a symbiote. (I don’t want to spoil too much with details, but think “forceful fusion with another entity”.) It’s coauthored by one of my favorite authors – Luke Chimilenko, the author of Ascend Online and coauthor of Iron Prince – and much like his other books, it’s been a fun read so far. (I’m about 80% into it now.)

Next, The Enchanter.

For those of you who enjoyed Mage Errant, this is another magical academy novel in that tradition (with some similarities to Arcane Ascension as well, as the title might imply). I haven’t had a chance to read this one completely yet, but I’m enjoying the section I’ve read through so far. I’ve also *heard* that it’s a LGBTQIA+ one, but I haven’t actually hit the romance arc(s) yet – it just launched today – so I can’t confirm.

I’ll have more news on my own side soon. Stay safe, all!

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