Secret Book Announcement!

Hello, everyone!

I’m very pleased to finally be able to announce one of the secret projects I’ve been working on. This is the Audible Original novella I mentioned working on last year – and I’m incredibly excited to finally tell you about it.

Most of you will have heard a particular premise before – gamers get trapped inside a video game..and if they die in the game, they die in real life.. Variations on this premise are commonplace, encompassing everything from early examples like Tron and novels like Wyrm by Marc Fabi to episodes of Batman the Animated Series...and, of course, numerous anime spanning from .Hack/Sign to Sword Art Online and beyond.

As someone who comes from a game design background, I love these stories, but I’ve always had questions. And among them, the foremost in my mind was…

…How did an absurd game like that make it through development?

Behold, my answer:

Death Game Quality Assurance is an affectionate parody of GameLit and LitRPG fiction, specifically the “trapped in a MMORPG” style stories, from the perspective of a Quality Assurance team testing the game while it is still in development. It’s also a very deliberate parody of game development itself, especially QA, where I spent the first years of my own game development career. This might make the book a bit more niche than my usual fare — some game-dev specific jokes may not work for everyone — but if you’re a gamer or a fan of LitRPGs, you’ll probably get a lot of the nods and humor regardless.

This is also unusual for me in another respect – in terms of narrative style, it’s written entirely almost entirely in chat logs, bug reports, and game system messages. This makes the narrative style much more like a radio show or podcast – and I’m thrilled to report that we got an *amazing* full-cast recording for it (meaning different voice actors for each character). We’ve got some phenomenal talent in there, including one particular amazing voice actor that my fellow progression fantasy and LitRPG fans will recognize in an instant.

The book is out on Audible in just two weeks. Due to the nature of the book as an Audible Original, there’ll be a delay before the book is released in any other formats – but the narration is incredible and I highly urge people to check this version out if you’re interested in LitRPGs or game dev at all. You can find the Audible Release of the book here.

I can’t wait to hear what people think of the book…and to announce a few more surprises soon.

Take care, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Secret Book Announcement!

  1. “there’ll be a delay before the book is released in any other formats” -> we’ll be able to purchase softcover or kindle eventually? 🙂

  2. This is a super amazing surprise and I cannot wait to listen to this! As a seasoned software engineer and game programming dabbler, I suspect you will check all the right boxes for me with this book! 🙂

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