Arcane Ascension Anniversary!

Hello everyone!

Today is the fifth anniversary of the launch of Arcane Ascension, and to celebrate, I have some updates and other things to share with you.

First off, some amazing news on the first Arcane Ascension expanded universe book – as of this morning, the author has finished edits based on beta reader notes and my revisions. We’re now about to deliver it to the publisher for final edits and publication. I’m extremely excited about this and hope to be announcing more about it along with the co-author extremely soon.

Next, Arcane Ascension 4 updates. I’ve made solid progress on this and I’m going to say I’m a bit beyond the half-way point on the first draft now. I’m currently targeting a Q3 release. I considered putting up a preview chapter to celebrate the day, but given how much that would spoil the cliffhanger ending from the last book, I decided it would be wiser to give a preview of something else instead. Which leads me to my next update.

Edge of the Woods is at a similar stage of completion to AA4 (there are fewer words written than for AA4, but it’s intended to be much shorter). I’ve deprioritized to focus on AA4. To help celebrate today, here’s a link to the very first preview chapter. This is unedited and extremely unpolished, but I wanted to have a bit of writing to share with you today.

Finally, to celebrate the day, all three Arcane Ascension books are on sale on Kindle’s US and UK stores. You can find them here.

If you know anyone you think would love the books, help spread the word about the sale! Now is a great time to pick the books up.

I was hoping to have a bigger announcement I’m hugely excited about for today, but it’s not quite ready yet. I’m hyped to share more about it with you later on this year – probably around the same time as AA4’s launch.

Thanks to everyone for all their support for the series over the years. I hope to have more updates soon!

3 thoughts on “Arcane Ascension Anniversary!

  1. Thanks for the awesome work! That said, it was a bit cruel to taunt me with the consideration of a preview chapter of AA4! I had been hoping beyond hope we’d get that sometime because ever since you released AA3, it feels like I’ve been hanging from a cliff! 😂

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