Quick Updates and Sale

Hello, everyone!

This isn’t my full February update – that will be later in the month – but I wanted to let people know that Six Sacred Swords and Diamantine are currently available as a part of Audible’s two for one sale. For those of you who enjoy my books and haven’t picked them up yet, now is a great time.

As for updates, Arcane Ascension 4 is my primary focus right now, and I’m making steady progress. It’s still a long way from finished, but I have a full scene-by-scene outline for the remaining work, which will make progress significantly faster. I’m extremely excited about some of the scenes in there, many of which involve content I’ve been teasing for a long time finally happening on-screen, as well as some answers to a few long-asked questions.

Barring any complications, I should have a larger update later this month. Take care, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Quick Updates and Sale

  1. I absolutely can not wait for your next book you and Brandon sanderson are my 2 top favorite authors. I wait with baited breath.

  2. Keep up the great work. I recently found you books and had a blast working my way through them. what a rich world.

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