Soulbrand is out on Audible and a surprise announcement!

Hello, everyone!

First off, the update many of you have been waiting for – the audio book version of Soulbrand is finally out on Audible!

(Thanks to Podium for this animated version of the amazing cover by Daniel Kamarudin and with graphic design by Shawn T. King.)

Next, another one of my surprise announcements – we’re getting merchandise! The very first set of it is available now through Podium and can be found here. Since this is for the launch of Soulbrand, the first set is related to Weapons & Wielders, but we’re planning to have more for the other books – and another set of Weapons & Wielders merch – in the future.

We’re also looking to expand into more specialized merchandise for the series, e.g. shield sigil pins, attunement temp tattoos, and Sacred Sword LARP weapons, but that’ll probably be further down the line.

Finally, Podium has been kind enough to give away some awesome Soulbrand posters based on the novel cover art. If you’re interested, you can sign up for that giveaway here!

4 thoughts on “Soulbrand is out on Audible and a surprise announcement!

  1. That’s great news! Not that I don’t love reading a physical book but my job allows me to listen to audiobooks so I love them too.

    Just a suggestion about the merch. Maybe some more esoteric artwork, maybe like some of the symbols for the attunements.

  2. What an amazing series! Also, I can’t thank you enough for making these books longer! When I saw the newest book was over 26 hours I was so happy! Please keep the story going!

  3. Right now I’m listening to the audiobook but I also watched the first episodes of the new cowboy bebop series.
    I very much enjoy the former and have mixed feelings about the latter.

    Anyway, now I keep calling Vicious in Cowboy Bebop Sir Vicious Malbad in my head.

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