October Updates and General Status Report

Hello, everyone. Happy Halloween!

Some quick updates to get us started.

Novels and Novellas:

  • AA4 is still in progress and my main focus. It’s going a little slower than I’d like, but I’m hoping to make more substantial progress during November (National Novel Writing Month), where I intend to push aside many of my other tasks to focus heavily on writing each day.
  • I’m also making steady progress with my current secondary project, which is one of the “secret” projects that I’ve mentioned previously. To give you a bit more context on this one, it’s the story I mentioned about a year ago as being like a “xianxia Peter Pan”. Given that xianxia isn’t a well-known term to many readers, and how vague that is, I’ll give a little bit more clarity – it’s about a young boy living in wild and deadly region controlled by faeries and powerful monsters. The faeries and mythological beasts in the area lend themselves toward the Peter Pan comparison, although in many respects our protagonist is the opposite of Peter – we’ll get into that more in the narrative itself. As for the xianxia comparison, the local magic system involves characters gathering essence and fusing it into their bodies in a fashion similar to traditional xianxia./cultivation fiction, but there’s a lot of setting-specific detail that will make it feel distinctive from a standard cultivation system. In many respects, this is a magic system that fits in the space between dominion sorcery from the War of Broken Mirrors and the attunements of Arcane Ascension, but with some bits that stand out on their own as well. This is also a very personal project for me – it’s in many respects a rewrite of a segment of my very first novel (Dawn’s Tear, which was terrible), as well borrowing from one of my abandoned side projects from a couple years ago (which was decent enough that I’ve actually used some of that text, which has helped accelerate the writing process). My current expectation is that this will release right after AA4, but I could end up doing it earlier or later than that. Note that this is not the “secret project” I mentioned doing the final writing/edits for earlier this year – that one is done and already scheduled for release with the publisher, but I can’t talk about it until the publisher gives me the go-ahead.
  • W&W4 is in progress, but it’s my tertiary project right now, and not going to go very fast. I anticipate working on it heavily after the two projects above are done. Soulbrand wrapped up the first “arc” of W&W, so this book will serve as the starting point for the next major arc. That may mean that the next book feels a bit different from the first three.
  • Carefully Worded Wishes (Wrynn’s first book) is still on hold. I may end up writing this right after AA4, but I’m not going to commit to that until AA4 is finished and I have a better idea of where my schedule is going.
  • I had started on a Sera novella focusing on her Judgment a while back, with the original intent of including the preview chapter at the end of AA3, but didn’t finish enough of it. This is still something I hope to get to eventually, but it’s on hold for now.
  • I’ve begun some work on a novel following the other surviving protagonists of the War of Broken Mirrors, but it’s a ways off. This is a hugely important novel for the setting as a whole, and it’ll serve as one of the transition points into what I consider to be “Act 2” for the main story of all of the connected books. I don’t anticipate actually launching this for another couple years, but I want people to know it’s being worked on.

Other Media:

  • One of the main things I’ve been working on this year is getting the process started on various forms of other media for the Arcane Ascension setting. This has been a long and exhausting process, and it’s notably slowed down my writing for the year, but I expect that it will be very worthwhile for fans in the long-run. I’ve mentioned some of these before, but I’ve also been extremely vague about others. I’m going to have to continue to be vague about some of them, but I’d like to give a bit more information on a few things that I can talk about.
  • Tabletop Games: Early on, my intention was to self-publish something that I was writing for this, much like with my novels. I spent a lot of time on two possible avenues for that – a D&D 3.5/Pathfinder compatible source book, and a stand-alone game. Those are both pretty far along and playable as-is, but after a great deal of discussion and thought, I’ve tabled them (terrible pun intended) in favor of trying to work directly with an established publisher. Going through a publisher would have a lot of advantages, largely in terms of presentation and distribution. I don’t have the right skill set for formatting a tabletop book to look good – there’s a lot that goes into layout and graphic design that simply isn’t an area I’ve studied or practiced. Most professional-level tabletop RPG books also include a great deal of interior artwork, which I don’t have access to. I’d hope that partnering with a publisher would help improve the quality significantly in these ways, as well as allowing for broader-scale playtesting than I can do on my own. Next, there’s distribution. While novels are pretty simple for me to toss on Kindle and sell effectively, that isn’t the ideal format for tabletop RPGs. If I’m making a tabletop game, it behooves me to try to get it into things like game stores, which isn’t something a self-published game is likely to do. Next, going through a publisher could have the advantage of support through other types of platforms, like being set up to work on things like roll20 or whatnot, which makes online play a lot easier. (This would depend heavily on the publisher.) Finally, there’s all the other stuff aside from actual books that can go into a good game – things like custom miniatures, maps, etc. I don’t have the resources to do all that myself, but with a publisher, it might be plausible. So, at the moment, I’m talking to a few publishers to see how possible this would be. I may still end up defaulting back to doing it myself, but I’m seriously exploring publisher options.
  • Translations: I’ve been doing some work on getting my books into other languages. The first success on this will be formally announced in a couple weeks. This success was heavily contingent on the publisher, so I’m not sure I can duplicate it with other works, but I’m looking into it. Expect more news on this soon.
  • Works by Other Authors: I’ve mentioned this a few times on Discord chats and such, but I’ve always intended to involve other authors in my setting. I’m happy to say that some major progress has been made in this regard, and I’m hoping to be able to make some formal announcements soon.
  • Other Media: There’s a lot going on with this, including one very significant project that is already underway that I’m involved with heavily, but I can’t talk about it yet. I expect an announcement on the big thing I’m working on in the middle of next year. (This is highly tentative and could change.) There’s a lot of other stuff I’m exploring that I won’t be able to talk about longer, but I’m extremely excited about this stuff, and I hope to share more as soon as I can.

That’s it for this particular post, but I’m hoping to do a few more posts soon to explain a bit more about the genesis of various books and the setting as a whole.

Hope you all have a great Halloween!


4 thoughts on “October Updates and General Status Report

  1. Happy Halloween,
    WOW I didn’t know you had so many project in the works, make sure to add time to relax and eat your vegetables, we need your beautiful brain satiated! O.o
    I’m looking forward to all your projects especially AA4, W&W and the possible Table Top! Were ready for our judgement! >:D
    Also what is the best way to keep up to date with everything? you mentioned a discord?

  2. WAYYYYYY ahead of the game in this. But I’d like to put dibs on the “other media” section if you ever get a movie deal. Currently the exhibit designer at a science museum. Previously a prop builder for a nearby city’s Rave concert stage shows.

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