Soulbrand Audio Production Delay

Just wanted to quickly let everyone know that there’s been a delay in the production for the audiobook version of Soulbrand. I can’t provide any more details right now, but we’re still going to try to get the book out as soon as possible. I’ll provide an updated release date when we have one confirmed.

Edit: Small update. The new target release date is November 23rd.

10 thoughts on “Soulbrand Audio Production Delay

  1. Oh no!! My soul has been crushed. I understand things happen. Im just dying to know what happens Mithralis and what Tervos has to say. Ok thanks for letting us know. Best of luck getting it back on track.

  2. Just got the email from audible for the preorder. This gives me plenty of time to re-listen to everything. Don’t sweat it and keep up the awesome work!

  3. 😭 Really looking forward to it! Thanks so much for writing them, a great way to escape from the hectic day to day.

    I actually didn’t expect it till around then. Like the others say, time for a relisten to diamantine.

  4. Appreciate the update!
    The release timing will work out for us – my 11 year old son is doing a book report on Diamantine and would get absolutely distracted by Soulbrand release! 🙂

  5. I’m so sad, I’m 30 min away from finishing Torch That Ignites The Stars and I have a Keras amount of patients for the next book!
    I’ll forgive you, if you can update us on a possible TTRPG.

    1. There’s work being done on the TTRPG, but right now I’m in discussions with publishers that could go a lot of different directions, so it’s too soon to say anything firm.

      1. Thank God because every minute I spend playing D&D/Pathfinder I’m fantasizing about playing in your books. As soon as you have a Kickstarter or whatever support system available, please summon us.

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