Soulbrand Paperbacks – Now Available!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the paperback version of Soulbrand is now available! You can pick it up here.

In terms of other updates, there isn’t too much to say right now. I’ve finished my first draft of the secret novella that I mentioned, and I’m currently discussing revisions with the publisher. I don’t have a firm estimate on how long those revisions will take, but I’m hoping to get the manuscript finalized within the next month or so.

After that, my plan is to focus primarily on Arcane Ascension 4. As previously mentioned, I’ll be dabbling with some other books at the same time to avoid burnout, but I still expect AA4 to be my next major release.

6 thoughts on “Soulbrand Paperbacks – Now Available!

    1. No, but hilariously, I do have a project including Wrynn and Aayara on the way. It’s not a romance, but hey, fandom will probably turn it into one.

  1. Cool! Can’t wait for it to be available on audible. In the meantime I still have Diamantine to keep me busy.
    Btw I think AA3 was cool. There is so much more to that series than school alone 😉

  2. Dear andrew,
    First of all thank you for your great work. I have bought every AA book and W&W book as soon as they were released as well as the audiobooks and I have read and listened to all of them multiple times.
    I would just live to see you take a little more time on the books. They sometimes seem a little rushed to me. For example in soulbrand there were multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes that just pull me right out of the story. Your work is so creative qnd entertaining, please dont let it stumble because of these small things.
    Also i think in some parts of the story, you tell 4he events too directly. Instead of letting the reader discover the plot through dialogs or other means you just tell them directly.
    This may just be my point of view but i just hope to give some constructive feedback and maybe i am heard.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Andrew,
    Love the books. The AA series tied in with the sacred sword series just is awesome. Hope you’re making enough $$ from book and audiobook sales. I’ve only been buying the audiobooks. Do you have a Patreon or anything for donations?
    Keep the books coming. Epic world building.


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