July Updates

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a good month so far.

First off, I’m thrilled by how much people are generally enjoying Soulbrand. In terms of ratings and reviews, it’s the best rated book I’ve written to date (although it’s still way behind the Arcane Ascension books in terms of sales). I found these reviews encouraging for the overall trajectory of the series and I hope that this trend continues with future books.

For those of you who aren’t already aware, preorders are up for the Audible version of Soulbrand. The tentative release date is October 12th November 23rd!

Next, in terms of paperbacks, I’m working with my graphic designer on that right now. This took me a little while because it was tough to get it into the right format for a paperback due to the length. Some things don’t play well with KDP paperbacks, like italic text and images. It’s doable, it just requires some tweaking to make sure everything stays within the margins properly, and that impacts the final page count – which is required before the full cover can be made.

I don’t have a firm date for paperbacks yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be within the next couple weeks.

Soulbrand has continued to keep me pretty busy post-launch, mostly in terms of things like getting the book formatted for Audible, fixing small mistakes that were discovered post-launch, reading (and occasionally responding to) community discussions and questions on Discord and Reddit, etc. At this point, that’s wrapping up and I’ve been getting back into the cycle of doing more writing each day.

In terms of writing projects, I’m not quite done with that secret novella yet, but I expect to be within a couple weeks.

After that, my primary focus will be on AA4, with some time spent on W&W4 and small projects on days that I don’t feel inspired to work on AA. This type of system has been helpful for making sure I stay productive, and by using this method, I already have a fair head start on AA4 (around 10-15% of the first draft) even though I haven’t started working on it full-time yet.

I am behind where I wanted to be in my schedule when I talked about it at the end of last year. This is largely because Soulbrand ended up being much longer than expected (it’s almost as long as W&W 1 and 2 combined). AA4 launching this year is looking less likely. I’m still going to aim for a December release, but it depends on how busy I end up being with other things in life, as well as where I end up deciding to end the book. (I’m still not sure if I’m going to try to do all of Corin’s second year in one book, just one semester, or something else.)

If I don’t launch AA4 by the end of this year, I’m going to aim for early next year, but I’m not going to make any promises in that regard, either. Writing three long books back-to-back is exhausting and difficult to scope properly. I’d rather give you all realistic expectations.

After AA4, the next release will either be a small side project or W&W4 – I’m not sure yet. It depends heavily on if AA4 and W&W4 turn out to be monstrously long like W&W3 was. If W&W4 is looking like another 250k beast, I may publish something smaller in the interm to stay fresh and keep readers engaged.

Hope you’re all enjoying the books, and thanks to all of you who have read and rated Soulbrand!



5 thoughts on “July Updates

  1. Soulbrand deserves its rating. That epilogue broke me.

    I didnt expect WW4 to be so soon. What does this mean for Carefully Worded Wishes?

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