Book Recommendation: A Hollow Mountain

Hey everyone,

While you’re all waiting for Soulbrand’s release on Friday, I’ve got a book suggestion!

A Hollow Mountain (The Brightest Shadow Book 2) by [Sarah Lin]

A Hollow Mountain is the sequel to The Brightest Shadow, one of my absolute favorite books. I recently heard someone describe it as a “wuxia Stormlight Archives”, and I think that’s a pretty accurate starting place, but I think the author – Sarah Lin – has managed to make this stand apart from the genre’s foundations even further than that.

Unlike many progression fantasies, these are third person books with balanced casts of several characters (which draws a part of the Stormlight comparison). It delves deeply into the motivations of each character and the complexities of their relationships, both with each other and other members of the cast that don’t get perspective chapters. I’ll give you fair warning that these are massive books – that’s part of why I like them, but much like with Stormlight, getting involved can be a heavy task.

This particular book does a great job of expanding on the characters and mythology of the first book, as well as introducing a few new cast members that have quickly worked their way into my heart. I’m excited to see more of all of them in the third book – and beyond.

If you’ve already read The Brightest Shadow and enjoyed it, I’d recommend picking this one up right away. If you haven’t read The Brightest Shadow…well, go do that. I think you’ll love it.

3 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: A Hollow Mountain

  1. I read the first book, but the last 30% of the book soured it up for me. I’ve slotted this one into my TOREAD list, but I don’t think it’s going to get much better.

  2. Dammit i loved The Brightest Shadow and maybe Blades Falling Softly even more. I especially loved Sarah Lin’s lore blogposts. But i have already started my diamantine reread now. Definitely gonna read this after Soulbrand. Also, thank you for the reminder.

  3. I dont have time to read the hollow mountain before soulbrand, but I will certainly read it after.

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