Soulbrand out on Kindle next week! Audible preorders up!

Hey everyone!

We’re one week out from the release of Soulbrand, the third Weapons & Wielders book. The release date is June 11th. I’m incredibly excited about this one – I think that it’s my personal favorite out of the books I’ve written thus far, and I don’t say that lightly. You’ll see a lot of changes for Keras getting started in this one, as well as some major hints about where his story is going for the rest of Weapons & Wielders and leading into the very different Keras you see in Arcane Ascension. You can find the Kindle edition here! Preorders are already available.

I’m also tremendously excited to announce that we have a release date and preorders up for the audible edition of Soulbrand! Thanks so much to Podium for getting the preorders up this early. The release itself is still months out – October 12th – but I’m thrilled we’re getting recording started this early and that we can give you a release date. Preorders for the audible edition can be found here!

Paperbacks are coming soonish as well, but no preorders up for that yet – I need the final paperback page count to get the cover finalized, which I won’t have until just before Kindle launch.

If you haven’t read any of my Weapons & Wielders books yet, this is a great time to get started. I’m very proud of where this series is going, and I hope that everyone who decides to pick up these books enjoys them!



6 thoughts on “Soulbrand out on Kindle next week! Audible preorders up!

  1. Fuck yes! I just finished “The Torch that ignites the stars”. I love this world you’ve built and I can’t wait to read (listen to actually) more of it! Thanks for letting me be immersed in your world.

    1. I apologize for my profanity, I was very excited. Please delete my comment to keep this page PG friendly, I can’t seem to edit it.

    1. First draft to release is generally about three months.

      I generally don’t finish my final edits until just before launch – and that’s true in this case as well. I’ll be making edits until a few days before release.

  2. I am very excited! My favourite of yours till now was Defying Destiny, but from what you have said about this one, i feel like it could take its place. If Soulbrand is your favourite now, what was it before? Do you have a list in mind from most favourite to least?

    1. I don’t think I could really make a list of favorites – my impressions of my own books tend to change over time. This particular book has a lot of plot, character, and emotional beats that have been building up for a long time, though, and I enjoyed writing them. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, too.

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