AA3 is Out on Audible! Diamantine is on Sale!

Hey, everyone!

The audio book version of The Torch that Ignites the Stars is finally here! You can find it at this link.

To celebrate, the Kindle version of Diamantine is on sale for 0.99 on the US and UK Kindle stores. You can find that here!

If you’re not already aware, Arcane Ascension and Weapons & Wielders take place in the same setting. The first two Weapons & Wielders books have a frame story where they’re being on told on a train ride between the second and third Arcane Ascension books, and they involve some of the same characters. Reading Diamantine before The Torch that Ignites the Stars adds some extra context to the story, but it isn’t in any way required.

The third Weapons and Wielders book, Soulbrand, is almost finished – I’m hoping to have preorders up later today. More announcements coming soon, too.

7 thoughts on “AA3 is Out on Audible! Diamantine is on Sale!

  1. Congratulations on another audiobook release! Can’t wait to listen. I personally feel the worst part is I timed my listing marathon bad and need at least one more day until I can start it, resh it.

  2. I just finished listening to it and now I’m hungry for more! Can’t wait for the next one to be finished, and now I’m going to have to go read/listen to your other books!

  3. Hey! Mr.Rowe! I just wanted to say I really loved the last Arcane Ascension, can’t wait to see what happens next! I was wondering if Aiara will be playing a role on the next book and also my girl Rin? I’d love to see them interact with all of the characters like meltlake or marissa! Anyway! Awaiting your next book!
    -Jonah Malott

    1. I won’t comment on the main novels, but you’ll see them both in that short story I mentioned in a previous blog post. Not sure when that’ll be out.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment somewhere to thank you for writing these books! I really enjoyed them, I’ve been listening to the Arcane Ascension audiobooks and Nick Podehl does an amazing job! I really appreciate you writing Jin in as a potential romance for Caden. It’s hard to find fantasy/sci-fi stories with LGBT content that have the main plot focus on something that isn’t the romance and it made me really happy to find it here! Happy pride month!

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