Weapons & Wielders 3 Update

Just a tiny update – I’ve finished the beta reader edition of Weapons and Wielders 3 and it’s been sent out to my beta readers. I’ll be editing at the same time with the hope of getting it ready for a launch sometime in June. I’m a bit behind schedule on that, but still hopeful that it will be possible.

The beta version of the manuscript is 256,000 words, which makes it the longest book I’ve written thus far (if only slightly – On the Shoulders of Titans clicks in at 254,000). Depending on how the edits go, it may or may not end up exceeding OTSOT in final length.

I’m extremely excited about this one – there are a lot of plot threads from both W&W and the War of Broken Mirrors books that are coming into play here, as well as some important cameos from Arcane Ascension that will give hints of things to come.

This is not the last Weapons and Wielders book, but it is the conclusion of the first trilogy, and I consider it to be the end of the first “arc” of the story of Weapons and Wielders. As such, there’s some pretty crazy stuff in there, and I’ll be excited to hear what everyone thinks when they get a chance to read it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


4 thoughts on “Weapons & Wielders 3 Update

  1. Absolutely cannot wait! Thanks for the update! Now I get to add this to my anxiety list of waiting for things to come out. Just waiting for the Audio version of AA3 right now.

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