Six Sacred Swords Sale

Hello, everyone!

To celebrate the completion of my first draft for my third Weapons and Wielders book, I’ve put the first book on sale on the US and UK Kindle stores. (US Link here) My apologies to people in other regions – Kindle Countdown deals currently only are available in the US and UK, so I can’t put it on sale elsewhere. =(

Six Sacred Swords

In Six Sacred Swords, Keras Selyrian – a traveling swordsman from a foreign land – stumbles upon the trials to earn the right to wield Dawnbringer, one of the legendary Six Sacred Swords. As Keras tackles those challenges – and the new ones that emerge from his, uh, unique problem solving methods – he makes some unusual allies and begins a journey to seek out the other weapons.

The story is heavily influenced by JRPGs and action adventure games. Zelda, Ys, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest are probably the most obvious for this particular book, but the series itself is littered with references to the others. The flashy, anime-esque style of combat and magic is very strongly influenced by JRPGs as well.

If you like powerful swordsmen with a bit of magic, snarky talking weapons, and bibliophile dragons, you might like this series.

For those of you waiting for more information on Weapons and Wielders Book 3 (Soulbrand), I’m currently recovering from a writing sprint, then I’ll be doing my self-editing pass. After that, I’ll be sending it off to beta readers and the editor. I’m still targeting a release sometime in June, but I’ll push it back if needed. No updates on other books – I’m fully focused on wrapping this one up. Thanks, everyone, and hope you’re having a good weekend.

One thought on “Six Sacred Swords Sale

  1. thanks for the update boss. REALLY looking forward to it. def a breath of fresh air for my brain with the allllmost 4th wall breaks.

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