Will Wight’s Bloodline is Out

Hey everyone,

Just a micro update here – I wanted to mention that Will Wight’s Bloodline, the latest book in his Cradle series, is out today.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar, Cradle is one of my own favorite series. It’s a martial arts fantasy in a style similar to Chinese xianxia/cultivation novels. If you’ve never heard of anything in that style before, think movies like Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon (but with more magic) or something like Dragon Ball or Naruto in book form. That’s a bit of an oversimplification, and Will’s books borrow from both those styles of tropes and western ones.

Anyway, I strongly recommend it, and hope anyone who checks out the book – or the Cradle series as a whole – enjoys it!

2 thoughts on “Will Wight’s Bloodline is Out

  1. And for any who aren’t aware, Audible recently added the entire series to their collection of free audiobooks for subscribers.

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