February Updates and AA3 Audio Preorders!

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news – preorders are up for the Audio Book for Arcane Ascension Book 3, The Torch that Ignites the Stars! You can find it here. The release date is May 11th, 2021!

I had a productive month. Most of my writing was focused on Soulbrand, the third Weapons & Wielders book. The first draft of that book is almost complete, although it will likely take at least two months to go from draft to release. (It’s usually more like 3-4 months, but I want to get this one out quickly – we’ll see if I succeed.)

Soulbrand is turning out to be a long book – much longer than the previous two W&W books, and likely longer than Sufficiently Advanced Magic. I think it’ll still be shorter than On the Shoulders of Titans, but I’m not certain yet.

Aside from W&W3, I’ve also worked on several other projects this month. I have a good head start on Arcane Ascension 4 now, and I plan to get started on it in earnest around the time W&W3 launches. I’m currently targeting a launch around December, but that’s very ambitious for the length of the book and there’s a good chance it’ll slip into next year.

I also spent some time on smaller projects, such as the AA tabletop game. I know some people are very excited about that, but it’s still likely a long way off. My agent is talking to a publisher about it, which might speed things up, but it’s tough to say.

Aside from that, my other projects are still secret stuff, so you’ll have to wait a little longer for more information on them. I’ll look forward to revealing more projects soon, likely later on in the year.

Thanks, and I hope everyone had a great month!

14 thoughts on “February Updates and AA3 Audio Preorders!

  1. Sweet! No more need to keep speculating on where to spend my audible credit for this month anymore 😉

    I’m both impressed and thankful for your self-imposed close deadlines. Given how both Diamantine and AA3 ended, I’ve started feeling like Researcher and can’t wait to get my hands on some new information. Any new information! All new information!

  2. Woohoo, though, read the book so a little less excitement. Not a lot of great releases on audible as of late though so no doubt will get it.
    So of your series, which is the easiest/ most fun to write? W&W the next book right?

    1. It honestly depends on the specific book more than the series. W&W was supposed to be the easy one, but this particular book has been extremely challenging due to the length, complexity, and subject matter. I may try to write something that’s purely lighthearted at some point, but I don’t know if I’m capable of sticking with that long-term.

      And W&W3 is the next book release.

  3. So excited to get the audiobook! It’s been such a busy year I haven’t really had a chance to actually read. I just listen to audiobooks on my way to & from work. Honestly, AA3 will mean I actually look forward to being called into the hospital at 2am.

    Love your work Andrew!

  4. Andrew, i can’t wait to read AA3. Idk why but when I’m in btw books I keep going back to listening to AA. It’s so….. Peaceful lol

  5. Part of me is screaming hurry up but the other part cleverly suggests take longer because then it will be the meaty delightful read I’m anticipating. I’ve jumped back and forth starting at Arcane series, then kind of like the last book suggests jumped back to read all about Keras in that series. Now I’m back to just finishing book 2 if the Broken Mirrors series. I’m just loving all the very subtle threads and surprises that link it into the others like one giant organic story. Just loving it.

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