One Week to Arcane Ascension 3 – The Torch that Ignites the Stars

It’s almost here. Just one more week.

For those of you who are interested and haven’t preordered yet, you can find the book here.

I’ll admit to being a little nervous.

Okay, more than a little nervous.

More than anything else, Arcane Ascension has defined my career as a writer. While the War of Broken Mirrors helped me get started, and I couldn’t have switched to being a full-time writer without the success of Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Beyond that, it’s really where I defined my own style as a writer. My War of Broken Mirrors books show the beginnings of that, mostly with Jonan and Lydia’s perspective chapters, but I think Arcane Ascension is a much clearer indication of what an “Andrew Rowe” novel looks like.

With success, however, comes expectations.

It’s been over two years since On the Shoulders of Titans came out. I know that’s a long time for a lot of you, and I’m aware that if this book doesn’t work for people, I’m likely to lose a lot of fans.

This is compounded by the nature of the book being unusual: it’s a winter vacation book, and thus doesn’t have quite the same structure as my previous books. That’s a bit of a risk, and one that I’m still not convinced was the right one.

Either way, I appreciate anyone who is willing to give the book a chance. And if you’ve already checked out, thank you for your support up to this point. My readers mean the world to me.

I’ll stop rambling.

I truly hope everyone who reads the book enjoys it.

Stay safe, everyone.

37 thoughts on “One Week to Arcane Ascension 3 – The Torch that Ignites the Stars

  1. I can say with certainty that, at the very least, this reader isn’t going anywhere. I’ve read most if not all of the lit you’ve published thus far and am really excited for this next installment.

    Be safe and take care 🙂

  2. As someone who owns every single audiobook you have ever released, I can honestly say it would take more than one “off” book to see me stop coming back for more.

    You have written some of my favorite characters of all time (Dawn is in serious contention for the first spot).

    As is so often the case with good writers, your own expectations are usually much higher than your readers and you project that on to us. Personally I trust that the direction you are going will be the right one, I have not been dissapointed with any of your earlier work yet, be it W&W, WBM or AA, I even enjoyed “How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps” as quirky and different as it was.

    So just continue your work Andrew, we eagerly await your next installments 🙂

  3. Just listened to Diamantine one more time and I think you are just getting better and better. I hope for plenty of Keras in this book as he became on of my most favourite book characters.

    Hard to say if I’m more excited about this book or about cyberpunk 2077 😀

  4. I was lucky enough to get Sufficiently Advance Magic for free a couple of months ago (thanks for that!) and since then I got hooked on your books (finished the second one of the series a couple of days ago, and today I finished How to defeat a Demon King). Considering that I’m not a native English speaker that just read more than 1500 pages between all the books I know AA3 is going to be a complete success! Can’t wait to read AA3!

  5. It was this series that made me a fan of work so don’t be afraid of losing this reader! Time to reread the first 2 to get ready!

  6. 2 years is not all that long really, I am very excited for this read everything you have written since SAM has been incredible. With that said, more samples so I can stop twitching on the floor from anticipation. Thanks for every word you write.

  7. I can assure you that I will keep on reading no matter what the next book is like I will read arcane acencion untill the bitter end! Unless your planning on killing all the main charachters or change their personalitys entierly, wich I hope is unlikely. I am just way to invested into them and all the mysterys: Whobis that girl Corin met in the coridor of the school? What is the tyrant in gold up to? And the blackstone bandit? And especially TRISTAN? Why Tristan, why?? Also I might have said so earlier, but I look forward to reading an AA book not set in school and wouldn’t mind it being more charakter and less action focused than the previous ones.
    So I guess what I’m saying is: I will keep reading AA so you only have to worry about loosing all your other readers. Yay?

  8. Do have a lot of expectations, no doubts to speak of though.
    Worlds been set up brilliantly, the characters are all individual and fascinating in their own different ways, if the sample chapters anything to go by the wit is all still there too.
    If there’s a story knocking around somewhere in there aswell then you’ve pulled it out the bag mate 👍

  9. I’m certain your book will be far above the realm of mediocre, I’ve enjoyed every single one of your series, and this is one of my favorites. I can say with 100% confidence that the book will be great, since your recent books, (Diamantine? It’s hard to spell, And Defying Destiny, though Diamantine is stronger in my opinion) have exceeded my expectations or your books. I think you have only grown stronger as an author.

    So just take a deep breath, relax and eat some Oreos.

    Best of luck,

  10. I’m so excited! I can honestly say that your books got me out of a lull and back into my love of reading. Sadly, I devoured all seven or so books that were out and I’ve been craving more.

  11. Last time I was this excited for a book release was the Harry Potter series. My son put me onto your books and I couldn’t put them down.
    I particularly like the wry humour punctuated throughout the books.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how our household debates over plot trajectory and character allegiances play out. Hopefully my ideas are victorious.

  12. Thanks for your updates and writing. I think no matter how it ends I’ll love the book. You’re an inspiration and I know your books have helped me deal with with some issues and I’m sure they’ve helped others a lot too

  13. Keep up the great work, the world you built is amazing and i always look forward to seeing more of it through your stories

  14. It would ake alot to sway me away from your books. I’m too excited to see what new mysteries you will write and what new answers you will provide to previous mysteries. In total ive gotten through your Arcane Ascension series three times, with the Weapons and Wielders series twice. I love the universe you’ve made, and im excited to see whats in this book.

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