Free Books and an Announcement

Hello, everyone!

It’s my birthday, and I’ve decided to celebrate this year with a few gifts for my readers.

Today, the first books for each of my book series are free on Kindle in most regions (Amazon controls the regions, unfortunately, so I don’t know which ones are affected).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with each series, some quick series descriptions:

  • Arcane Ascension has a heavy focus on learning and exploring how magic works and how it can be exploited. It follows Corin Cadence, the younger son of House Cadence, as he attempts to learn magic in an effort to follow the footsteps of his brother, Tristan, who disappeared into the colossal Serpent Spire five years before.
    • The first book is Sufficiently Advanced Magic.
    • This series is the most popular starting point, in spite of taking place last in the chronological order. Don’t worry – you can start here without any trouble understanding it if you want to.
    • This series has a mix of magical school content and dungeon crawling. If you like magical schools, read this one first. If you don’t, consider one of the other series.
    • This is a heavily JRPG and anime inspired narrative. Some inspirations for this series include Final Fantasy, Azure Dreams, Ys, Tower of Druaga, The Legend of Heroes, Tower of God, Bravely Default, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, SaGa, and Hunter x Hunter.
  • The War of Broken Mirrors is the most serious, and it’s written from a third-person limited perspective with multiple perspective characters. It has more political intrigue and subterfuge than the other books.
    • The first book is Forging Divinity.
    • Some inspirations for this series include Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker and the many various Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels. It’s generally a very “D&Dish” book series.
    • The heroes are:
      • Lydia, a paladin of a goddess of magic who has infiltrated the government of Orlyn, a city that claims to be able to raise mortals into gods.
      • Taelien, a powerful young swordman who bears a legendary sword he cannot properly control.
      • Jonan, an agent of the legendary Lady of Thieves with a talent for illusions.
      • A fourth perspective is introduced in the second book, but telling you who they are would be a spoiler.
  • Weapons and Wielders is the most straightforward and lighthearted series, focusing on action, comedy, and adventure. It follows Keras Selyrian, a powerful swordsman, as he searches for the Six Sacred Swords – and gets a lot more than he bargained for in the process.
    • The first book is Six Sacred Swords.
    • Some of the main inspirations for this series are The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Ys. Much like Arcane Ascension, this is JRPG inspired in general, but you can think of this as being more like my action RPG franchise. It’s lighter and faster paced.
    • This is the series go for if you’re looking for a character that’s powerful from the start of the story, and if you like things like tournament arcs.

I hope people enjoy the free books, but I also know what most people have been waiting for:

Arcane Ascension 3 has a title, a cover, a launch date, and it’s up for preorder.

The launch date is December 6th, 2020, so exactly three months from today. Note that this launch date is for the Kindle edition; other versions will be following later.

Thanks to Daniel Kamarudin for the fantastic cover art and Shawn T. King for the graphic design work. You’re both fantastic.

Thank you to all my fans for their patience with this book – I hope you love seeing the next stage in Corin’s adventures.

15 thoughts on “Free Books and an Announcement

  1. Happy birthday Rowe! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day! And don’t worry too much about us fans, we are all grateful for your communication about the process and for your amazing books!

  2. Happy Birthday,

    Cant wait for the book to be on audible ^.^

    Very generous of you and I poked some friends ro take advantage of the free books.

  3. Unless I’m lucky with the time zones, my birthday celebration wishes might be coming a day late. Lol.
    Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday!!!
    And wow! That cover looks awesome! So excited to have a release date! I’m usually an audiobook fan, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait long enough and not get the printed book first. I always get the print version for quick referencing a bit afterwards anyways. Oh and don’t worry about us waiting. It’s well worth the wait, plus I already think you’re a very fast writer as it is. We also already got two other in-world books this year from you as well! It’s impressive! I would say that I’m eagerly waiting for your next book exactly 5 seconds after I finish this one anyway. But that’s just my excitement, not an actual wish or expectation that the books would come out faster. Besides your frequent updates on your progress work wonders in keeping my eagerness. It’s above and beyond what a fan could ask for!

  5. Happy Birthday! The cover looks phenomenal! Thank you so much for all your hard work, even in these difficult times, and keeping your release window in 2020! Can’t wait for the book!

  6. These books are great, you are great, missed your birthday but I got the books for free still and I really think that’s pretty boss of you.

    Got them all on audiobooks, idk how much that benefits you, but I’m grateful for the digital reference.

  7. Hey! Can’t see it for the UK yet. Happy to buy anyway, I’ve not got into Weapons & Wielder yet so I’ll be jumping on those! And can’t wait for the new book!

    Do you have any other merch like a t-shirt or leather-bound? Would love to buy them 🙂

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for all of the great work you have put in, you have quickly become one of my favorite authors. I really can’t wait for this one to be released, let alone to have to wait for the audio book to be available. You may have posted something on this previously, but do you have a suggested reading order for all of your books? Also, are there any tabletop adaptions for your universe?

    1. Currently, I generally suggest the following order:

      * Arcane Ascension
      * War of Broken Mirrors
      * Weapons & Wielders

      But it depends on the preferences of the reader.

      Yes, there are tabletops in progress, but it’ll be a while before I can get the time to finish them.

  9. Amazing, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll get the print edition, but will there again be an audio version?
    I love Nick Podehl’s interpretation. Just re-listened to AA 1+2. Helped me through a dark patch a lot.

    Thank you for your amazing work.

  10. I am looking forward to the next book, trying to keep an open mind since you have said it will be shorter than the others… after waiting 2 years i hope it measures up to the preveious book it has been a loooong wait.

  11. This will be just in time for my Birthday. Cannot wait for the next book.

    Have you thought about having a book series about the exodus to Caldwin? Why did it happen and how did they all get off the other continent? Would be a great way to tie together the other series arcane ascension and six sacred swords.

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