Book Series Trailer

Podium Audio, my audio publisher, just released a book trailer for Arcane Ascension. It’s mostly targeted toward new potential readers, but I thought fans might want to see it, too! You can see the trailer here.

7 thoughts on “Book Series Trailer

  1. Wow. That was pretty good.

    Why was there a shot of the cover of Diamantine in that preview? (I was under the impression that was in a separate series.)

    Looking forward to the next Arcane Ascension book and will eventually finish reading The War of Broken Mirrors series. (Sorry, but every time I try to get into that series, another series grabs my attention.)

    1. They’re different series, but in the same universe, so they’re being advertised together. That trailer came out on the audio book release day for Diamantine, so they were advertising it in specific.

    2. Could try listening to War of Broken Mirrors on Audible if you don’t mind audio books. Nick Podehl does a great job with the series.

  2. Hey Andrew, love your series! Any updated on AA3? I have every book in the AA universe on audible and I keep your blog up as 1 of my 3 authors I follow and checking it weekly religiously for updates ! Would love a better idea on when we will see AA3 or one of your overall writing updates! Also Diamatine was amazing

    1. Thanks for the interest! I’m still hoping to get AA3 done before the end of the year, but it may be a challenge. I’ll provide a more detailed update when I have a better estimate.

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