Sales, Free Books, and Status Updates

Hey everyone,

I’d like to give everyone an update on my current situation.

First off, I’m safe and still writing. Isolation has been a little maddening, but I’ve been very productive. I’ll get into the details of that productivity in a bit, but I’d like to begin by talking about some sales and deals.

Six Sacred Swords goes on sale at 8AM today for 0.99 on the US and UK Kindle stores. This is my part of a much larger effort by a huge group of authors organized by Bryce O’ Connor. This week, something like a hundred authors are putting books on sale to raise money for Coronavirus relief, and I’ll be doing my part on that and donating a portion of the income from this sale to that cause. I would strongly encourage anyone who can afford to do so to check out the books that are on sale and pick some up – it’s for a good cause.

Next, the Kindle edition of Forging Divinity – the first book in my War of Broken Mirrors series – is free right now, for the first time ever.


This is both to give some free reading to people dealing with the social isolation and as a way of getting people ready for the release of the audio book for Defying Destiny, which comes out tomorrow. I’m super excited it’s finally getting an audio release, and I can’t wait to hear what people think of Nick’s rendition of it.

Now, back to what I’ve been up to.

First off, Spider Climb. If any of you missed my previous announcements, I’m running a Quest right now, which is a type of web serial/forum RPG hybrid thing. I put in a huge amount of work on this for the first week and a half or so, but it was slowing down my other writing too much, so I’m easing up on my pace a little. (There’s already a full novella worth of content in there. Phew.)

In spite of spending a ton of time on Spider Climb, I’ve still made some steady progress on my other books.

Arcane Ascension 3 is at around 30% completed at this point. I’ve made some good progress, but the dark and interpersonal nature of some of the plot points have been difficult for me to write during this epidemic, and it’s been tricky getting in the right head space for it. I’ve finished the first major “act” of the story at this part, and now I’m getting into territory I’m hoping will be somewhat smoother to write – but we’ll see as the months progress.

Soulbrand, the third Weapons and Wielders book, is making steady progress as well. I still probably plan to release AA3 first, but this book is just so much easier to write that there’s a growing chance I might finish the first draft of it first. It’s not that I’m making it a higher priority; writing it just flows more easily, since it’s a more linear book with a lighter narrative voice and fewer things for me to worry about. I tried just focusing on AA3 for a while, but that just resulted in dead days where I wasn’t getting any work done – bouncing between projects is much better for staying productive and mentally healthy.

One of my secret projects (which was already finished being written last year) should be out soonish, but I’m not the one who gets to announce it. I can’t wait to hear what people think of it, though – and the cover. I absolutely love the cover for it.

Maybe by the end of next month, I’ll be able to show it to you.

2 thoughts on “Sales, Free Books, and Status Updates

  1. honestly, going at it sanderson style sounds like a good plan 😛

    also, might be a good idea to get the lighter soulbrand out now, and hold off on AA3 until after pandemic, AA is cool and awesome but also heavy and dark and in pandemic Imo prolly better to avoid that headspace as much as possible for everyone…

    1. Greg! We’re not children…and we’ve already been waiting. Heck, I haven’t seen the Tiger…thing shows, but from what I hear it’s not a very cheery series, at all. We’ll be fine, if not just read it when you’re ready, how about that? Seriously, I truly hope everyone is healthy and safe…your loved ones two. But, I sure could use another amazing book from the amazing series…now.

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