Diamantine Paperbacks are Out! New cover art for the Audio version!

Paperbacks for Diamantine are available now! Find them here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084DD8XVR
And if you’re waiting for the audio book, you can preorder that here: https://www.audible.com/pd/Diamantine-Audiobook/1774243032
And check out the updated cover art for the audio edition below!
B2_Diamantine_Weapons and Wielders_CoverArt

10 thoughts on “Diamantine Paperbacks are Out! New cover art for the Audio version!

      1. The last 2 books were released on the same day on .com and .de.
        The same with other books from podium. So i also would guess thats automatic. Unfortunately you cant preorder it or see the release date on .de.

  1. Just finished reading Diamantine this week, it was well worth the wait and the edits you mentioned in December. I was a little worried I’d have a hard time getting into it because tournament style stories sometimes drag and the plot moves slowly, but that definitely wasn’t an issue here. As always I also appreciated all the humor that helps break up all the action going on. Mizuchi’s astonishment over legendary swords and children will forever be my favorite quote but the banter between Keras and Dawn is an 11+.

  2. What are Walter Crowns attunments? In chapter 8 he says he’s a soulblade and a commander, but in the appendix he’s listed as a soulblade and a forgemaster.

    1. Soulblade/Forgemaster. That was fixed in later revisions of the book. If you have the Kindle version, you should be able to sync it and get the latest updates.

      If you have a paperback – uh, congratulations! You have a legacy version of the book! Maybe it’ll be a collector’s item someday. =D

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