Defying Destiny Audiobook Preorders and Sufficiently Advanced Magic Sale

Hello everyone!

Preorders are up for the audio book version of Defying Destiny! You can find it here.

Audio Cover Small

In addition, Sufficiently Advanced Magic is currently on sale on the US and UK Kindle stores for 0.99!

Finally, in case you missed it, Diamantine is finally out on Kindle. If you’re a fan of Arcane Ascension and haven’t picked up this series yet, now is a great time – there are some crossover characters from Arcane Ascension in this one if you pay close enough attention. Paperbacks and audio will be a bit longer. Stay tuned!

Thanks, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the books!


7 thoughts on “Defying Destiny Audiobook Preorders and Sufficiently Advanced Magic Sale

  1. I saw the listing and got so excited I reactivated my audible subscription and after the purchase was completed I saw it was a preorder T_T

    Something to look forward to I guess

  2. I am very exited to get to listen to the audiobook. Unfortunatly I can’t preorder it in audible, because I live in germany. Do you have an idea when the audiobook version will be released? Hopfully I will be able to purchase it on the release date.

  3. These really are great audiobooks! Your witty writing + Nick Podehl vocal skills… Game over.

    Keep it up man, especially the world building bit.

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