Book Discussion on Discord and Reddit

With a number of people finishing Diamantine, there’s been a lot of talk about the books on Discord and Reddit.

You can find the discussions on Discord here and on Reddit here. You’ll need accounts for Discord and Reddit if you want to post on these sites.

If you want to post anything that involves the events of Diamantine, please make sure to mark your spoilers first. If you’re posting a new topic on the Reddit page, for example, put [Spoilers] in the topic heading and make sure to name the topic something innocuous that doesn’t include details about what happens in the book. Something like [Spoilers] – Diamantine’s Ending Discussion or [Spoilers] The Other Wielders would be good examples.

9 thoughts on “Book Discussion on Discord and Reddit

  1. Someone raised the point in Climber’s Court: I thought the Series title was Six Sacred Swords with Book 1 being Weapons and Wielders and Book 2 being Diamantine. They pointed out, correctly apparently based on the Covers, that I had it reversed: Weapons and Wielders was the Series Title and Six Sacred Swords was the Book 1 Title and Diamantine was the Book 2 title.

    This is a major misperception on my part. Sorry about that, but I think it was a reasonable mistake on my part.

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